Happy New Year! I've been MIA lately, for a variety of reasons. One, we've had annoying network issues, and two, I just haven't had anything inspiring to post. Nothing new to report. Same stuff, different day. I've just been a-floating, drifting along, immersed in the every day grind. Yet again, I've found myself drowning in a mental funk, and once again, I'm ready to tackle it and begin living the life I was meant to live. I want to find meaning in everything I do. Don't get me wrong, there's much to be grateful for including a wonderful family, two goofy dogs and I job I enjoy so much so that I don't (always) cringe when my alarm sounds at 5:00 a.m. However, I still haven't reached my potential, creatively speaking, and it's taken a toll on my soul. In fact, I've had artist block for so long that I don't know quite where to start. As a result, it's just been easier to keep it on the back burner, which, in turn, has made me a lazy thinker. Not cool. As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been mentally exhausted. I'm a full-time, working mom. Of course, I'm going to be mentally exhausted, especially in my profession as an art teacher. At the end of the day, after a long day at work dealing with dozens of personalities, shuttling kids around to after school activities, running errands, making dinner, supervising homework & chores, trying to squeeze in a workout, in addition to spending quality time with the family & pets, and catching up with friends, there's just not much left of me. On the other hand, it is inspiring to work with so many creative people on a daily basis. I have no excuse not to get my hands dirty in my art supplies every day, even if it's simply doing a demonstration (In fact, one of my demonstrations was the inspiration for a piece that made it into a juried show a few years ago.). My problem is if I'm too overwhelmed to overcome certain obstacles, I will just ignore them until I can't progress any further and have no choice but to dive in and conquer the task. This method has lead me down the road to Nowhere far too many times.

For the longest time, I haven't made any new year's resolutions because I believe if you want to make a change in your life, there's no better time than the present. Why wait? However, I do agree that the start of a new year is a great time to make a fresh start. It feels like a new beginning, and I can't help but set new goals. Last year, I chose a one-word theme, but after a few months, I lost focus, and eventually let the bad habits sneak back in. This year, I'm adopting a mantra: LIVE BETTER (hence the title of this post). I think it will stick in my mind better than a single theme. I can apply it to everything in my life I'd like to change to be healthier & happier such as eating better, sleeping better, exercising better, prioritizing better and organizing my time better to be able to do the things I want to do. Basically, make better choices. I want to make my time more meaningful with everything I do. I want to be consciously aware of where I am at any moment and stop drifting into the world in my head. I've been living up there for far too long. By publishing this post for the world to see, I hope to be more accountable for my actions, meaningful or not, as there's nothing I dislike more than flakiness, and I certainly don't want to be what I despise. Being the chronic (speaking of flakiness) blogger that I am, I know better than to promise to post my updates, but will do so when I feel inspired. Wish me luck. Best wishes to everyone for 2012!


Trying to find the in-between...

The Naked And Famous - Young Blood from The Naked And Famous on Vimeo.

I can't believe it's been exactly five months since my last update! I had every intention of blogging my way through the summer, but things didn't work out as planned. I'm really good at planning things out in my head, but as my husband says, that's not where things happen. It wasn't all my fault though. We had canceled our internet at the beginning of the summer because the service was not up to par with what we were paying. Then we found better service with reasonable rates around the time school started. And I got back into the grind and let it go. Anyhow, I hope to post a detailed update soon with pictures.

As far as this song goes, it's my new anthem:
"the bittersweet between my teeth
trying to find the in-between
fall back in love eventually"

It speaks to my 20-yr-old self, but I can totally relate to it now on so many levels, not just literally. I feel like I've been in the process of achieving balance in my life for the past few years, only to be running a hamster wheel and getting nowhere. It's taken a toll and I feel that something's gotta give. There's so much I wish to accomplish and so little time. This is the story of my life. And if I don't actually start doing SOMETHING, my life will be over before I know it. My focus lately has been on prioritizing and time management. I need to sit down and have a little heart-to-heart with myself and figure out what I really need to do to feel accomplished and happy. I need to stop making up excuses and JUST DO IT. As runners will say, there are hundreds of reasons to quit the race, but you only need one to keep going. I get so overwhelmed by all my thoughts swimming around in my brain because I can go in a thousand different directions. Instead of choosing one to start with, I shut it all out of my mind and do something mindless, like play stupid ipad games that my son got me hooked on. Then I feel guilty. It's gotta stop. I'm going in circles. So it seems this song was written for just for me. The whole album is brilliant with its retro pop sound, happy synth vibes and overall uplifting mood. And it's currently selling on itunes for $8! Talk about a lot of musical bang for your buck! It's been inspiring to say the least. So now, I'm going to walk away from this computer and focus on what needs to be done RIGHT NOW, like feeding my family. Then I'm going to forget about detailing the kitchen and do something for me; just one little thing to feel accomplished, like I'm hopping off my hamster wheel and moving forward for a change. I feel link I'm on the brink of something big happening in my life. Like it's about to begin again.


post-concert blues

So here are the Arcade Fire pics I promised I would post, however, I don't recommend clicking on them to view them full size. Unfortunately, they didn't turn out as good as I thought, as they looked okay on the display screen of the camera, which is about the same size they are here. Oh well.

I do like the color of this one and how it's reminiscent of an impressionist painting.

The lighting on this one is cool. I like the contrast.

At least I had a blast though:

The following day, I felt kind of bummed. I thought it was because I had hoped for better seats, but really, it's just coming down from the excitement of an event that I had looked forward to for so long. I bought our tickets two months in advance and fantasized about the experience to every last detail including the outfit I wore. Then the day finally arrives! I even had butterflies in my stomach I was so excited! Then a mere 90 minutes later, it's over. POOF! Gone. All that anticipation disappears and I'm left with nothing to look forward to for a while. Kind of like the day after Christmas. It's really disenchanting, you know? I have to wonder if there are people who are have addictions to making plans and have to keep doing so to avoid depression. Or meds. Not that I'm depressed. I just have major summer fever. It's taken every ounce of me to be enthusiastic with my students. We're ALL anxious for summer break, which can't get here quickly enough! The days that were flying by are now excruciatingly long. But we only have a few days left. And I'm making plans. BIG plans. Two major things are in the works: one, a photo project that I've been planning for the past year and a half. It involves a rooster. That's why it's still "in the works." The other is a home chef business that I've been wanting to launch for the past two years as well. I've just been so mentally exhausted to think about it or plan for it. I've been talking about it for so long, people are going to think I'm a flake if I don't DO it. So it's time to stop making excuses and put both projects into action. Stay tuned!


what a weekend

This past weekend was one of those crazy, busy weekends with back-to-back commitments, but surprisingly, it was not overwhelming. In fact, it was exhilarating. And as busy as it was, I expected it to flee by, but when I awoke Sunday morning, I could hardly believe I still had a whole day ahead of me. By then, it felt like the weekend had lasted a week. So here's how it went...

On Friday, my older son and I went to a art fund raising event at my school kicking off our brand new Art Trust. Our school plans to acquire at least one new professional work of art each year, selected by students, to hang in our halls and inspire creative thought. The inaugural event had the final 16 that were voted on and the final five were unveiled in a ceremony. I just think it's the coolest thing and really commend my administrator for promoting the visual arts in this way. The program is modeled after a PA school and is just amazing.

Saturday I went to my cousin's graduation party, after working out and updating photos and this blog. :)

She's going to Guatemala this summer to do some mission work, then off to train to be a firefighter & paramedic. Go girl! I'm so proud of her.

Saturday evening, the hubby and I went to Numbers for the Clan of Xymox show. It was simply awesome. These guys have been around a while and sound very polished and professional, unlike many other darkwave, electro-synth bands we've recently seen. This show gave me the post-concert high I'd been craving. It was truly mesmerizing. I just love underground club shows. I only wish I had bought VIP passes for the meet & greet. Anyhow, I danced my bum off in my new Jeffrey Campbell platforms and got a few decent photos because I could get really close. I was about 20 ft. from the stage. And I've got an awesome new camera. The photos aren't perfect, but I'm still getting to know the camera. However, they needed absolutely no editing which is a plus.

Sunday, of course, was Mother's Day and for the most part pretty relaxing even though I had to complete the chores I'd put off until then such as grocery shopping and dog bathing. I got to leisurely linger in bed as my little alarm clock had stayed at my parents so we could go out the night before. He proclaimed that Mother's Day is a day when moms do all the chores and everyone else gets a break. Ha! I certainly didn't get a break from my motherly duties, but wouldn't want it any other way.


this camera's a genius

I love it! It can shoot sharp pics in low light conditions and has automatic macro detection. Did I mention I love it!

My three sons

Squash flower from a vine that sprang from our compost. It's a bit raggedy from Bo trampling it, so hopefully, it'll produce. We haven't had much luck with these in the past so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

My new favorite coffee mug. :)

This is a little onion flower from my garden.

coffee break


Forget Starbucks! Here's our new favorite way to enjoy a cup of joe. We were introduced to the Irish concoction last weekend when we were visiting some relatives in town. Unfortunately, you can only find it overseas or in duty-free airport shops. Our hostess was kind enough to gift us with our own bottle as her husband frequently travels on business.
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today, I'm a fashion blogger!

Lately, I've been perusing various fashion blogs on the web for some wardrobe inspiration. I've seen some cute outfits and have gotten some good ideas, not to mention seen some great photos. I like the skirt I'm wearing, although I look like a schoolmarm, so I decided to do my own fashion posting. You're gonna laugh. I surely did. My 15-yr-old son is the photographer. And since he wants to learn photography and I love posing, we made a great team. Not to mention, it was a great excuse to use my new G12. So here goes:

I blinked in this one, but my son says I look like Marilyn Monroe and it was hot so I included it. And I like Bo's expression.

The next three poses were directed by my son. He wanted to frame me through the trees and with the leaf shadows cast over me.

I like the contrast and selective focus on this one.

This one makes me snicker with my expression and the dog just hanging out. He wouldn't leave my side. Plus, there's a turtle basking in the background. :)

blouse: thrifted
skirt: anthropologie sale rack
shoes: thrifted
watch: seiko

arcade fire did not disappoint

You'll have to excuse the bad photo. We were seated in the rear, stage left, and my little coolpix camera did the best he could. It would figure that the Canon G12 camera I ordered came in the very next morning! I took some photos with my friend's newer coolpix camera, and they appeared to be a little sharper. She's going to send them this weekend, so we'll see.

Although I did not get the post-concert high I was expecting, I had a great time. The evening began with a small dilemma: my husband decided at the last minute that he didn't want to go. Crazy, I know, but he's type A, which stands for anxious (among other things), and since he had his last chem class in the morning before his final, he was feeling a little apprehensive. I don't blame him, but tried to convince him that sleep is overrated, you know? It's for the dead. :) After a couple of hours of trying to find someone to GIVE the ticket to so it wouldn't be wasted, he changes his mind and everything worked out. However, after dropping the boys off at my parent's, we arrived at promptly 9:00 p.m. and missed the two opening bands. I'm not really disappointed. I heard Schmillion sucked and Explosions in the Sky was good, but put everyone to sleep. We found our seats and greeted my friends. I was in the mood for a glass of wine, especially with the cool breeze in the air and talked hubby into having one of those big-ass, overly-priced strawberry margaritas, my treat. My girlfriends and I ordered our drinks just before Arcade Fire took the stage, opening with Ready to Start. Every song was fantastic; they played all my favorites, ending with my most favorite (tied with Rococo) Sprawl II. Regine is just the cutest performer. Rococo wasn't as intense as I had hoped, but I loved it all the same. In fact, the sound in general wasn't as intense as the ACL show in '07, probably because we were in the upper section on the far right instead of center stage. At least there were no tall people blocking my view. That is, until they played Neighborhood #3. Prior to that, Win mentioned something about how he used to work at the pavilion when he was a teen and was in charge of checking tickets to be sure they were in the correct section. Then he said after a while he stopped checking, and all of a sudden there was a mob of people rushing to the stage! Many got to the front before the ushers knew what was going on and then they began blocking the isles and sending people back to their seats. People had moved down to the front of our section, and even though we were in the 2nd row, that obscured the view somewhat. For the most part, the couple seated in front of me remained seated until the encore, which was a good thing because when the man stood up, he was about 9 feet tall. Then I went to the rail for the final song and to unsuccessfully record a video on my cheesy camera. The 90 minute set went by way too fast. I danced the entire time (with the exception of Sprawl I, which is not danceable at all). Little Brother Butler was a hoot to watch! He ran around beating his drum like a mad man, which was funny because most of the music is so serious. My husband said he was probably thinking, "yeah, bitches, we're makin' 12 grand off this show!" And after only five hours of sleep that night, I felt completely hung over the next day. But it was so worth it. Sleep is overrated after all. And hubby enjoyed himself too in spite of his pre-exam anxiety.


month of may

i have so much anticipation for this current month, i can't help but be giddy with excitement. part of it is being the final month before school's out and everyone has spring fever. it's in the air. it's also a busy month, in a good way, because it makes the time go by faster. in the past, this month has been very stressful and overwhelming. that was actually last week, but at present, i feel great. allow me to bring you up to date...

today i took my students on a museum field trip, which is always fun and a nice change of pace. not to mention, i always get inspired. on friday, i have another art function to go to, in which i'll get to schmooze with my colleagues. i always like these things as long as i'm not overwhelmed.

this week holds several exciting events, with the first being the arcade fire show tomorrow, for which i am utterly stoked. i haven't seen them since my birthday almost four years ago and i love the suburbs and can't wait to hear it live. rococo's gonna rock (the drums are my fave and the crescendo utterly sweet)! next, on saturday, we're going to see another favorite band, clan of xymox! i'm super-thrilled about seeing them because they rarely play in the u.s. in fact, this is they're only current american show. i've always wanted to see them live and as soon as tickets went on sale, i jumped on it and bought a pair!

it's been a great season for shows altogether, as hubby and i saw OMD over spring break and got to meet them:

memorial weekend, we're going to see flock of seagulls with an 80's prom theme! i got the best deal on a cute dress from ebay for the occasion!

aside from shows, i survived TAKS week at my school, followed by a "spring fling" soiree i held at my home on saturday. it was the first party in over three years that i've hosted! i'd say i was long over due. unfortunately, i don't have any pictures to show for it as i was too busy being hostess. we had a terrific turn-out and everyone raved over my vegan specialties (blush) and my house cocktail, the woo woo. it was good practice for the home chef biz i plan to open this summer. i'll share more on that later. :)

i know i've been really bad about keeping up with this ol' blog, not that i have many readers who keep up with it either. i get certain ideals in my head that things should be a certain way before i get to a certain point, but i know if i keep waiting for the "right" moment, i'll miss out on the opportunity altogether. for example, i REALLY want to update the look of this blog, if anything, just for fun, and i haven't been posting because of that. i won't have time to spend on the aesthetics until summer, but don't want to wait to post until then. i had a great idea for sharing my monthly resolutions for renewing my life, but have just been too busy living life to keep up. i seem to be really good at writing quarterly, or even semi-quarterly posts. that just seems to be my trend. but i enjoy writing, whether or not anyone pays attention here. anyway, i've been branching out and renewing various aspects of my life and feel very fulfilled. i've developed some great new friendships with some colleagues and we've been doing some fun things together. a few of us started a "bucket list" club and get together periodically to try something new. i will have to post my bucket list one of these days, but a couple weeks ago, i got to scratch one thing off: i went to the opera for the first time to see the marriage of figaro. for being over three hours long, i really enjoyed it. it was very dramatic, which made it humorous. of course, it is a comedy, but i had no idea of what to expect. i get a kick out of knowing that the same comedic themes popular over a couple hundred years ago are still popular and funny today. it was a nice change of scenery and a lot of fun.

last month, we had my son's 6th birthday party and an easter egg hunt as well, for which i do have pics to share, but will have to do that another time. happy may every one!


blah, blah blog

ugh! i'm trying to update the appearance of this blog and thought that by using a (very cute) free template, it would make things much easier. WRONG! nothing is turning out how i envision it, and i don't have the time nor patience to figure out the html. for now, this will have to do, but there will be a makeover in the near future!



As I begin to renew various areas of my life each month, there are a couple of specific things I will be working daily. One is renewing my attitude. 2010 was a stressful year, but much smoother compared to the two previous years which were mentally exhausting as a result of some personal and family issues I'd been dealing with. The fact is, certain things may not actually get better or work out the way I want. I'm working on changing my attitude to accept things the way they are right now. Today. My goal is to accept what life has given me and learn to be happy with where I'm at and live within my means (The serenity prayer comes to mind here.). Not to say I'll become complacent. To me, life is all about self-improvement, or growth, if you will. I want to grow, but feel limited by certain things, so I'm aiming to live life to the fullest, yet working around my limitations.

The other area that needs renewal is my sense of time. Being a type B, "right-brained" person, I tend to loose focus on the task at hand. I need to improve my self-discipline in managing time and prioritizing. If I make better choices, I will be a lot less stressed and hopefully feel more accomplished each day.

So what's the goal for today? After I finish this entry, I'm going to go upstairs and do my one-hour workout with Jillian Michaels. Working out each day is also a top priority, but I fail to do so by not organizing my time well. Once I knock that out, I will begin to clean out the kitchen cabinet that has my boys' school and craft stuff. Grocery shopping is somewhere on today's agenda, as well as getting my little one to taekwondo. This afternoon, I have a two-hour commitment, but I'd like to paint a wall in my son's bedroom before dinner. If I get all of this done today, I'll enjoy a glass of wine and watch a movie with my hubby. Here's to a productive day!


happy new year!

Instead of making a new year's resolution, I've decided to chose a one-word them for the year to live by. It will serve as a constant reminder of my goals and the changes I want to make in my life. The word for 2011 is RENEW. Each month, I will be choosing a particular aspect of my life that needs renewal, or a makeover, if you will. I plan to post my progress to keep me accountable. For this month, I need to renew my dwelling spaces and get organized! I function better and stress less when my life is clear of clutter. My goals include cleaning out closets and cabinets and getting rid of the stuff I don't regularly use, both at home and in my classroom, freshening up paint around my house, organizing my photos and completing my scrapbooks as well as organizing my digital photos and uploading to a web gallery, going through my artwork and photography and find some pieces to frame and hang on the walls of my home, and organizing all of the loose pages of recipes that have taken over a cabinet in my kitchen. I'm sure I will find other areas once I get started, and I may not get it all done this month, but if anything, I will form a plan and schedule a time to tackle an area so it will eventually get done this year. I really need a breath of fresh air and getting organized will do the trick. As I begin this tedious undertaking, I will post before and after photos and share what I did as well as an helpful tips. If you have any tips or suggestions for taking control of the clutter so that it doesn't control you, please share!


Meet "Bo"

Bo is our newest member of the family. We adopted him at the beginning of November, 2010 and he's about a year old. Still acts like a puppy. So far, he's proven to be both equally dumb and intelligent. He acts like a cat and loves to chase around the flashlight beam, literally running in circles trying to catch it! Outside, he'll start hauling ass for no apparent reason, then slip on the wet grass. Makes for great comic relief! Bo's a quick learner and eager to please. In one day, I taught him to sit, shake and speak. Later, I taught him to dance on his hind legs. Occasionally, he confuses the commands or he'll do them all in order to get a treat! He knows what "the paper" is, which is a rolled up magazine used to swat his ass when he's naughty. Of course, if we mention the word "paper" he'll cower and lay down on his mat, so we don't actually need to swat him. Overall, he's a really great dog. He's very sweet and patient when he gets tormented by the boys. Now if we can rid him of his chewing habit- he chewed the tongue of my husbands new running shoes, among other things, but I think he's a keeper. He'll eventually grow out of these bad habits. It's nice having a four-legged companion in the house again.


what dreams are made of

I'm fascinated by dreams and their meaning, even if they really have no significance. I don't often remember my dreams unless I immediately write them down after waking, or if it has a huge emotional impact or makes me think. This morning as my alarm clock sounded, I was dreaming I was in a stark white house that was pretty empty inside. There were windows everywhere covered with a thin, gauzy material and it was dark outside. I had to change shirts and went into a room, also white and empty with windows covered in the same transparent material. I was feeling anxious because it seemed no matter which room I entered, I could not get any privacy, and had an eerie feeling toward the darkness outside. Finally, I thought if I change quickly enough, maybe no one will see, if there is even someone out there. When I came out of the room, "my dog," an adorable doberman, came trotting up to me for some cuddles and all my anxiety subsided.

I don't have any books on how to interpret the dreams, but like to go to this web site that has an A-Z entire dictionary with various themes and what they could represent in your dreams. I knew the house represents the self, but was curious to see what the white interior with transparent window coverings could mean.

The Dream Dictionary has a lot of information on what houses symbolize, but I picked out the statements relative to this particular dream:

"To dream that you are in an empty white room, indicates a fresh start. It is like a blank canvas where you want to start life anew. Alternatively, the dream means that you are trying to isolate yourself. You do not want any outside influences".

"To see a window in your dream, signifies bright hopes, vast possibilities and insight. If the windows of a house is dark, then it indicates a loss in your perception or vitality."

"To see a tinted window in your dream, represents your need for privacy and your ways of getting it. You are keeping aspects of yourself hidden or that you want to remain ambiguous."

Here's what it said about the dog:
"To see a dog in your dream, symbolizes intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection, and fidelity. The dream suggests that your strong values and good intentions will enable you to go forward in the world and bring you success. The dream dog may also represent someone in your life who exhibits these qualities. Alternatively, to see a dog in your dream, indicates a skill that you may have ignored or forgotten. If the dog is vicious and/or growling, then it indicates some inner conflict within yourself. It may also indicate betrayal and untrustworthiness. If the dog is dead or dying, then it means a loss of a good friend or a deterioration of your instincts."

The dog was happy and loyal, so I'm gonna go with "your strong values and good intentions will enable you to go forward in the world and bring you success"

Kind of interesting. I'll interpret it to mean that I'm wanting a fresh start for accomplishing my goals and obtaining success, which I will gain with my strong values and good intentions. I like it.


ColorQuiz.com - The free five minute personality test!


Wow! My results are surprisingly accurate (for the most part). Click the link above to try it yourself. All you do is click the colors you like in the order of your preference. I took it twice to see how similar the results would be.

First attempt:

Your Existing Situation

"Searching for a close bond with others which are accepting and kind. Needs a safe, peaceful atmosphere." (TRUE)

Your Stress Sources
"She wants the freedom to follow her own heart, goals, and dreams and to earn the respect as a unique individual. Desires to pursue every possible opportunity without limitations or things standing in her way." (SO TRUE)

Your Restrained Characteristics

Current events leave her feeling forced into compromise in order to avoid being cut off from affection or future cooperation. (KINDA TRUE; CURRENT EVENTS ARE RESTRAINING)

"Feels she is carrying more than her share of problems. She is flexible and laid back, sticking to her goals and working to overcome any difficulty."(TRUE)

"Seeking to broaden her horizons and believes her hopes and dreams are realistic. Worries she may not be able to do the things she wants and needs to escape to a peaceful, quiet environment in order to restore her confidence." (YES, INDEED)

"Current events have her feeling forced to make bargains and put aside her own desires for now. She is able to find satisfaction and happiness through sexual activity." (TRUE)

"Feels as if too many walls and obstacles are standing in her way and that she is being forced to make compromises. She needs to put her own needs on hold for the time being." (RIGHT ON THE MONEY)

Your Desired Objective
"Longs for tenderness and for a feeling of acceptance from a partner. Appreciates things that are beautiful, pleasing to the eye, and stylish." (ABSOLUTELY)

Your Actual Problem

"Prefers to be left in peace and avoids arguments, confrontation, and conflicts." (USUALLY; MY HOME IS A CIRCUS!)

Your Actual Problem #2

"Wants to be valued and respected, seeks a close and peaceful relationship with a partner and shared respect of each other."(CERTAINLY)

Second attempt:

Your Existing Situation

"Organized and detail-oriented, she has a very precise and methodical manner. She needs relationships which offer her understanding, respect, and approval." (DEFINITELY)

Your Stress Sources

"Avoids pressure from others and insists on developing her individual independence. Wants to make up her own mind without resistance from others or outside forces, and needs the freedom to make her own decisions. Wants to be looked at as a wise individual whose opinions are respected, and has a hard time admitting she is wrong. Can be reluctant to accept or understand other people's opinions or point of view." (FIRST HALF TRUE, SECOND HALF NOT SO MUCH)

Your Restrained Characteristics

"Tries to participate and involve herself in things going on around her; however, avoids conflict and arguments to reduce stress and tension." (YES)

Giving more than she is getting back and feels misunderstood and unappreciated. Feels she is being forced into compromising and even her close relationships leave her feeling emotional distant. (SOMETIMES, YES)

"Seeking to broaden her horizons and believes her hopes and dreams are realistic. Worries she may not be able to do the things she wants and needs to escape to a peaceful, quiet environment in order to restore her confidence." (MOST DEFINITELY)

"Current events have her feeling forced to make bargains and put aside her own desires for now. She is able to find satisfaction and happiness through sexual activity. (WELL, IT APPEARED TWICE; MUST BE TRUE!)

Your Desired Objective

"Seeks to be known for something she has accomplished and uses her social abilities to win people over. Emotional and sensitive and romantic. (SURE)

Your Actual Problem

"Impressed by unique and one of a kind things, and by people with exceptional personalities. Tries to takes the characteristics she likes in other people and apply it to herself as well as coming across as a unique individual." (I LOVE UNIQUE THINGS AND COOL PEOPLE, BUT I ALWAYS TRY TO BE MYSELF! I WOULDN'T CONSIDER THIS A PROBLEM BY ANY MEANS))

Your Actual Problem #2

Longs the freedom to make her own decisions and plans without the criticism and restrictions of others. Uses her charm to deal with others and get what she wants. (HA HA- THE 2ND SENTENCE MAKES ME LAUGH! THE FIRST STATEMENT IS DEFINITELY TRUE!)


40 bucks!

I know this is a totally random post, especially considering I haven't posted anything since NOVEMBER, but I'm super excited and just had to share! I made 40 dollars selling two therapeutic rice pillows scented with essential oils! They are the kind you can toss in the nuker for a minute or two, then lay over your shoulders to ease neck and back pain. I made a couple for Christmas gifts and had a couple extras. One of my school's secretaries asked if I happen to know where to get those and I said, well, I happen to make them and would love to work out a deal. She wanted two and offered me 20 bucks a piece, which is more than I would have sold them to her for, but she refused to buy them for less! So now, I'm itching to go fabric shopping, make a few more and start an Etsy site! This will be my spring break project. I am so looking forward to spring break!

To follow up on my last post, we have not received any offers on the house and have had maybe three showings since then. Hopefully things will pick up this spring. I also plan to do more painting in the house which will hopefully freshen it up and make it more inviting. I'm anxious to paint the living room green, although much more muted than before! The current neutral color is driving us all mad. Perhaps I'll do one of those before and after blogs...

I have a few more things to post which is also on my list for spring break, which can't get here fast enough! It's been a crazy, hectic year. More to come soon.