Baby's Vocabulary

I've been a bad (or busy) mommy! I have not written down any of Baby's words yet! We were at the pedi's office for his 15 mo. well visit and round of shots. :( The doc asked how many words he says and that's prompted me to write them down NOW! So, here is a current list:

Sean: "eYA" or "eeya"
"oh yeah!"
no: "na! na! na!" (says this when he doesn't get his way)
please: "peeeees!"
more: "mmmah" or "ma" which is what he says when he wants something
more, please: "mopee" (yes, we're starting early with the manners!)
doggy: "dody"
puppy: "pupee"
kitty: "dity" same as S. said
turtle: "tuhduh"
duckie: "duhti"
teddy: "tehdeh" or "tehdy"
light: "llli" or "llla" (he stresses the "L" sound)
ball: "ba"
baby: "baabie"
milk: "ma" or "me"
see ____ (daddy or turtle): "ee daddy!" "ee tuhduh!"
nose: "no"
yucky: same as duckie
bobby: we have no idea who or what bobby is, but sometimes he'll say, "ee bobby!" I suspect it's his imaginary friend since none of us can "see Bobby".
coffee: actually he just said "bobby" and pointed to my coffee cup followed by "ma!"
bye-bye: "ba-ba"
poo-poo and "eeeew!" can you guess what's happening??
"mmmmm!" when he eats something he likes

I'll add to this list as I think of more words. He's adding to it everyday and repeating alot of what we say. Too cute!

Other cute things he does:

*waves at the water in the tub when it goes down the drain
*waves at himself in the mirror when we walk by one
*He gave daddy a kiss for the first time the day before yesterday when daddy came home!
*likes to stash or hide things: I recently found a stash of his toys on a catch shelf inside the fireplace! He also puts things in drawers or cabinets and we don't know we're missing anything until we need it or find it!
*If we're on the laptop in the chair he'll pick up our hand off the mouse and put something in it! For example, if he wants you to open a container, he'll place it in your hand.

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