Back to work- a bittersweet thing...

I have to go to work on Thursday! Where did the summer go?? Although I do look forward to it, I have mixed feelings. First of all, I will miss Baby. terribly! He's such a sweet little boy and it's been fun playing with him all summer and watching him grow. He now has about a 20 word vocabulary which increases every week. To add to my stress, I don't have childcare lined up. My sitter decided to work outside the home at the last minute leaving me hanging. I have found two other home day cares, but they both charge about $700 a month! This is a rent payment for some people and more than a car payment for us. What are people thinking?? Are people really making enough money to pay this much or more for childcare? That's about minimum wage or more per kid. I'm thinking I should quit teaching and open an in-home daycare. I could keep up to 10 kids, charge $175 per week per kid and make almost $2000 per week and almost 6 figures a year!! Sheesh! Our main dilemma is the baby's age. Many preschools I talked to don't care for infants under 18 mos. and he won't be 18 mos. until October. I was hoping to get him into the YMCA, who charges about $540 a month (we were paying about $500 a month) and they are a couple of blocks from my school, but there aren't any openings right now. So, we're pretty much stuck paying $700 a month until October and hopefully I can get him enrolled into one of these other facilities. If anyone knows of a student or stay-at-home mom in our area looking to make a little extra money, please let us know! I would like to find a reliable nanny, who could even live with us if need be. We would provide room & board. Hubby even said he would stay home on Tues./Thurs., so if we could find someone 3 days a week, that would be better. Right now business is dead and we're not sure where our next payments are going to come from, let alone childcare expense. However, I'm not in a position to quit my job and stay home. We're gonna try and sell the BMW. Another frustrating, but petty complaint is I cannot buy school clothes for my older son and I. We can make do for a while, but it's really hard for me because of all the new, cute clothes for sale right now. S. doesn't really care what he wears, but his clothes are ratty an I'm sure he'll care more once he stars school. He needs some jeans and a few shirts, and I just need a couple pairs of slacks and shirts and a pair of brown shoes for now. I really hate to mention this when so many people in the world are suffering. I wish I knew of some good thrift shops! I just can't think about it for the time being. The important thing is to get E. taken care of.

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