Looking Forward...

I'm actually looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. It makes a world of difference that the child care dilemma worked out! I've been in a great mood today, and tonight I will relax with a glass of vino and perhaps a soak in the tub. We went grocery shopping today and I'm excited about my veggie menu for the week, including one my favorites, spaghetti squash gratin. So far I'm not missing the meat and feel proud of myself for sticking with it. You know, I figured that from giving up chicken in our house that over 100 chickens a year will be saved? Now some other fool may consume the same chickens, but if more people are educated more chickens will be saved and hopefully the meat industry will be prompted into make some changes.

I think I've been suffering minor depression lately because I've had a case of the doldrums. It's just too damn hot to do anything outside the home, and I've had major cabin fever. My friends are either too busy or live too far away to get together. Steve and I only went out twice and I went out once all summer. I've been unmotivated to do any organizing or artwork that I wanted to do over the summer. It was not a complete waste of time though. I did manage to paint our bedroom and the utility room. There are still other areas that need painting or touch-ups, but I just didn't feel like doing it. It's ok, because it will come to the point when I cannot stand it anymore and I'll get to it in a weekend. Maybe when it cools off outside. I also did a little organizing here and there, and managed to work out most everyday. There just hasn't been much to look forward to. I suspect things will start picking up with school starting as they usually do.

I'm looking forward to seeing my colleagues and advanced students. Currently, I have 2 photo classes and an art 1. There's always a little anxiety when school starts, but as soon as the new routine is established, everything just works itself out.

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