The man's a genius...

...although he claimes to be a "washed up olde rocker"- I beg to differ. I must say that I was inspired to form this blog by Steve Kilbey of The Church, my all-time favorite band. Check out his blog (click on the title)! He writes about his day in poetic prose. They are currently on tour in the US and his blog is a daily recap of his experiences, both good and bad. It's interesting to see the mind of a musician. My Steve and I had the delicious pleasure of hearing them perform at The Meridian (a ratty joint) last Wed. It was pure musical bliss. I highly recommend you guys check them out! It's difficult to describe their music, but it's sensational (I really don't like that word, but truly, it awakens your senses). As soon as I figure out how to put links up on this site, I'll put up a link to their myspace pages (SK has his own as well as The Church). If you really want to induldge yourselves, simply do a search. You can hear their music played at myspace or go to Amazon where you can hear clips and order their music! My favorite albums include Sometime Anywhere, After Everything Now This, Gold Afternoon Fix and Priest=Aura. There really isn't anything bad that they do and although they've been around for over 2 decades, they're early music still sounds fresh today. It's transcendent throughout time and I cannot think of any other bands that compare. Happy listening!

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