Numbers Anyone?

Hey everyone!
Hubby was bummed that he had to miss Number's 2 weeks ago and wants to go again on the 26th for the 28th anniversary bash. Can you believe they've been open for almost as old as I am?? And for those of you who haven't been in a while it is exactly the same! The cover is dirt cheap and the drinks are fair but cheap, but it's the MUSIC that doesn't miss a beat (pun intended)!!! Also on Sept. 2nd is the return of Synth Night (free cover that night) and Sept. 16th (the day after the anniversary of my 29th b-day, folks!!!) is Anything Box in concert!!! I will most likely be celebrating my 3rd decade of life there if anyone wants to join me. Anything Box is one of my favorite synth-pop bands and they had hits in the 90s such as "Where is love & happiness" "world without love." Tickets are $20 at the door and the band plays at 11pm with Synth Night beginning at 8pm. Let me know who wants to go and we'll make plans! I still need to book a sitter. We could carpool from our side of town. Check out their website for more info. Ciao!

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