Okay, so I live with boys and have to put up with their sh*t; literally: I've got a toddler in diapers and I'll just let you use your imagination about the other two! You know I'm a neat freak and like to clean. I was just born that way. Since the baby, I've let go of a lot more than I used to. Besides, what's the point of cleaning if everyone's just going to dirty it up again anyway?? That's the reason I mopped the kitchen floor only twice all summer and vacuumed the upstairs only once!! However, certain parts of the house get to the point where I just can't stand it anymore. Tonight I went to bathe the messy baby who practically bathed in his sweet potatoes trying to feed himself, and as I entered the bathroom it smelled like a giant toilet! My 10-yr-old claims he doesn't miss, but it sure don't smell that way! So after I bathed Baby, I told Little S he needed to clean his bathroom, especially since he's spending the weekend with Pop. And of course, I have to hold his hand through the process or it doesn't get thoroughly clean. So I open the toilet cleaner with bleach and coach him along and as we're finishing, I notice a yellow spot in the middle of my green Loomstate tee! NOOOOO! I got a bleach stain on it from opening the dang toilet cleaner!!! :( I was so mad at myself! Fortunately, I got the shirt on sale, but it was my favorite tee shirt at the time! This is why, I remind myself, we don't buy cleaners with bleach! A few years ago, I ruined some beautiful purple velveteen pants that looked HOT on my bum because I was cleaning the kitchen sink with Softscrub with bleach. Apparently, the sponge with the cleaner dripped on my pants. I don't know what possessed me to clean while I was wearing nice clothes, but I think I was waiting for a friend to pick me up so we could go out and was trying to pass the time. You would think I would have learned my lesson, but I didn't know the freakin' toilet cleaner had bleach in it! Grrrr!!! I'll get over it; I'm just mad at myself.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh you poor thing! I wish I could tell you it will get better, but living with males is always a challenge- even as they grow up (Big S will continue to grow up too!)
The good news is, the little ones will be grown before you know it. At least then they will be independent!

smoochgirl said...

Thanks for the comment! My mom always says men don't mature until their at least 50! I don't think BS will ever mature, lol!!