Well, I didn't exactly get to relax too much last night. After we met the new sitter (who is very friendly and I have good feelings), the boys and I went for our daily walk. When we got home, it was time to get them ready for bed. I had my glass of vino while I cleaned the kitchen and got to listen to Big S complain about how nasty the vegetarian pizza I made for dinner was. Now before you girls go on an anti-male rage, it does not bother me one bit when he complains about the food I make-keep reading. I did use Romano cheese, that I don't normally use, and is a little strong (although I LOVE strong, pungent, stinky cheeses!!!) and that's probably what did it. I also used a soy sausage which I was skeptical about, but it actually had a good taste and texture on the pizza. Anyway, Big S (let's call him BS HA HA!!) just tries to be honest with my meals since he and Little S are my guinnea pigs when I try new recipes. Little S loved the pizza and I thought it was one of the best ones I've made. Sometimes I intentionally prepare greens (or some unusual veggie, which my boys not-so-fondly refer to them as "weeds") just to laugh at their reactions! My boys are not a big fan of greens (like collard, swiss chard or kale) and they're not my most favorite on their own, but they're SO healthy! I end up buying them in the store because they're so pretty! Especially swiss chard. I love creamed chard and I like to use collard and kale in soups. In fact, I bought chard this week to make potato & chard enchiladas. Sounds weird, but they're actually good. Anyway, I did not make it to the tub last night! I topped my glass off and stayed up until midnight reading; I just couldn't sleep. It was a little tough waking up to the ol' alarm clock, but I managed. I don't have to get up in the dark (5:30) until the kids start back on Wed. Baby usually wakes up around 7am, so 6:30's not too much of a stretch. It was nice to see everybody today, but we had boring TAKS meetings until lunch when I skipped out and came home! BS was watching the boys and had some work to do in the afternoon. There was a long lunch break and dept. meetings scheduled after lunch, but nothing I can't catch up on tomorrow. I was pretty industrious when I got home: I worked out for an hour and mopped the kitchen floor (for the 2nd time this summer!).

BS said the dealership don't buy cars outright; you have to be trading it in, so unfortunately, we're getting no dinero from them. He's at Carmax as I write to see what they'll offer and if it's close to what we owe, we'll be one car AND payment short (yay). Keep your fingers crossed for us. I'll keep ya posted. I gotta get Baby outta the dishwasher. He likes to "help" with the dishes! Unfortunately, it does not lock and he's figured out how to open it, smart little devil! I've got some pictures of that I'll post soon. Goodnight!

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