Great benefit for going veg

Okay, so I've recommitted myself to a vegetarian and cruelty-free lifestyle for over a month now, and let me just tell you, I am actually loosing weight. Since I don't own a scale and don't obsess over numbers, I don't know exactly how much weight I've lost (not that I was really trying, but there usually are those last few stubborn pounds that like to hang around), but my size 4 pants are slightly too big (they weren't when I bought them)! And many of my other pants are hanging a little loose. I have to wear a belt with almost all my pants! I definitely credit this as a side effect from forgoing meat. I also feel lighter & healthier. Since school has started, it's been REALLY hard keeping up with my daily workouts that I got into the habit of doing over the summer, but I don't think the lack in exercise has caused me to gain weight. If anything, I think I'm balanced. Hurrah for me! BS says he is feeling healthier too and has been inspired to order the veggie sandwich from Quiznos for lunch and really likes it! I'm proud to proclaim my vegetarian status and gloat when my grocery shopping cart is full of produce and non-processed foods. I cringe when the majority of the fat cows in the store have their carts full of fattening processed crap. Give it a try! Go meatless.

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