The Anniversary of My 29th Birthday

What a day! I've had a great birthday weekend. On Friday one of my students baked me a cake! So sweet! Another class sang to me. I've got the best classes this year! Friday night we hung out at home, but celebrated with a pink Italian sparkling wine and chocolate angel food cake with strawberry sauce. I'm a big fan of angel food cake, especially chocolate!

Saturday morning I had a 90 min. massage. Pure bliss! Afterward I got my nails done, both hands and feet. I went to Pure Massage & Spa http://www.thepuremassageandspa.com/ the therapist did a wonderful job and had a knack for finding knots I didn't even know were there and working them out. The nail area was run by 4 fast-paced Vietnamese ladies, who were very proficient, but I thought worked a little too fast which detracted from the relaxing mood. I would definitely recommend the spa treatments but the nail treatments I would suggest if you're short on time or don't mind people working fast on you. My favorite pedicures to date are at a local Aveda salon & spa. They know how to pamper and relax you there. Plus they use healthful, earth-friendly products.

Later I left to drop off the boys at my parent's house and then had some errands to run. One of my errands was to Ulta for some nail polish & makeup. While I was shopping for eye shadow, a sales associate asked if she could help me and then I told her I was going out to celebrate my b-day and she offered to do my makeup for me! So I got a free make over too! My eyes were awesome ! She used Urban Decay, and I'm sold on it now! It consists of high quality pigments and has an array of awesome, fun colors; very hip & modern. I can't wait to buy more colors!

We were finally on our way, but were running late because BS couldn't decide what to wear! No I'm kidding! We got a late start and were trying to haul butt down to Houston. As we were approaching our exit, this yellow Hummer was hogging BOTH lanes and riding in the middle. He appeared to be switching lanes, but seemed to change his mind and just hovered there in the middle and wouldn't move over. We kinda swerved around him and got ahead until we were stuck behind two slow pokes going about 40mph, pacing each other. BS kinda cut one of the cars off to get in front and move ahead. We were late after all, and everyone on the road seemed to be driving aimlessly, slowing us down. We take our turn and begin driving down the street and all of a sudden, the Hummer approaches us speeding up, like he's going to pass us. He cannot go fast enough because of the car in front of him, so instead he rams into the side of our little Ford!!! BS tries twice to get him to pull over, but the jerk wouldn't. We finally make it to the restaurant, albeit shaken up and a little late, but our friend is late too, so it worked out. We did not loose our reservation and were seated immediately. The only damage done to our car was the plastic case of the mirror came off which is easily replaceable. There may have been a couple of small scratches, but no dents or dings! The Hummer had a huge black scratch from our mirror, so his damage was worse. As a result, we decided it wasn't worth reporting to the police. We didn't get any statements from witnesses or anything since we all kept moving. It really pissed me off! I couldn't believe his audacity. And we didn't do anything to him. He was screwing around on the road and not wanting us to get ahead, but since we have a zippy little car, we maneuvered around him and I guess that roused his competitive spirit. Needless to say, I was ready for my bellini at La Strada. We had a nice meal and it was nice visiting with J.

After dinner, we went to Numbers for the Anything Box show and Synth Night. Such a blast! Wes certainly knows his synth music! Once again, he didn't disappoint and everything was pretty danceable. Abox came on around 11:30 and played until about 12:45 or 1:00. They were great. The place wasn't even packed; I still had room to move. It was interesting how many Asians were there! They seemed to come out of nowhere as I never see many at Numbers! They didn't dance much either. No problem, though because it kept the dance floor spacious and I could really move without whacking anyone. I pretty much danced the whole time; so much fun. Wes played my favorite song and video, "Destroy Everything You Touch" for the very last song! I was so ecstatic I tried to get on the stage to dance, but was kicked off because the roadies were still packing gear. It was the perfect way to end the night!

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