well what do ya know, it's raining outside

and I'm having a much better day. It is Friday after all. I hope to get some sleep this weekend, as I'm always drained at the end of the day, then I stay up too late and am groggy in the a.m. Yesterday was sooo off! I even burnt the tofu I was stir-frying for dinner! I didn't even know you could burn tofu. Oh well. I'm still trying to master the art of cooking tofu where it's crispy-tender like the delicious tofu at PF Chang's! Yum! In in LOVE the coconut curry tofu. I did manage to squeeze in a walk before dinner even though it was hot and muggy. After I completed my evening chores and tucked the boys in I uncorked a bottle of red, drew a bath, lit some candles and popped in a cd. Ahhhh...so nice. Afterward, I messed around on myspace, checking out new musicians until I finally put myself to bed at 10:30. I went right to sleep, slept very well and wasn't really groggy this morning. Anyway, I'm just rambling. My brain is like jell-o so I can't think of anything intelligent to write about. I was a good girl and avoided the internet and graded half of my student's sketchbooks, so I'll be good for Mon. when grades are due. This weekend there's nothing big planned, so I'm going to do a major house cleaning. Hurray!!!

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