Another strange dream...

So I'm trying to achieve more balance in my life and get back onto a more normal schedule in preparation for school starting in a few weeks. Since I haven't been able to turn off my brain at night, I tried taking melatonin to get better sleep last night. My mind was still active, but I put myself to bed at midnight. I didn't go right to sleep, but ended up sleeping fairly well until I woke at 5:30 am! I could not go back to sleep but was not quite ready to wake up, so I toss and turn for a bit until I eventually doze off again until the alarm sounds off at 7 am. BS reset it for 7:30 and by then I was in a deeper sleep. I had another bizarre dream: The details are more fuzzy now, but I dreamed that I was walking down this street with old houses, and it was not in a great part of town. There was this house that had a pit bull tied up in the front yard. Right in front of me there were two other dogs, one chasing the other. The dog being chased did not like being chased, so he lead the other dog to the pit bull. This distracted him, because the pit bull began barking and going crazy, and the dog being chased got away and the other one was running to avoid the pit bull, then he escaped. The pit bull was still barking like crazy and an old, black man came out of the house, which was covered in wrought iron burglar bars. Even the front porch had bars, like the man wanted protection from his own dog. He tried to get the dog to settle down, and the dog ran up and jumped at the man and bit him in the chest through the bars. The man, unfazed, reached his hands out and was still trying to coax the dog who had a firm grip on the man's shirt and continued to growl. The dog then got distracted by the other dogs or something and broke free from his chain and took off running. The owner ran out after him and I was just watching in disbelief. I got scared that the dog may run back and attack me, so I popped into the front door of the house. It was even worse on the inside with the door frames chewed up by the dog, and there was even a suspicious place on the wall in the corner with smeared dried blood. I got a bad feeling and left immediately. What happened after that is still fuzzy, but I somehow ran into Natalie from high school again! I don't know why I've been dreaming about her again. We had some fun times, but in the end, she wasn't that great of a friend to me.

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