Crazy Dreams

My mind is such a mess always analyzing everything and nothing. It's constantly ticking, tick tick tick. Lately, I've had insomnia and cannot seem to quiet my brain at night. Needless to say, I haven't been sleeping well, but have been dreaming bizarre dreams. It seems I'm in my deepest sleep when I have to wake up, and that's when I dream. This morning I dreamed that there were a bunch of people in the house I grew up in. Instead of my immediate family (parents & brother), it was my own family, some friends which included people I know and don't know, and my in-laws with their dogs, only not the dogs they have in real life. The house was on the beach! Yes! We were having some kind of party. Hubby was being annoying and saying things like, "when are you going to serve us?" I think he was referring to dessert or something. In real life he "teases" me by making similar comments because he knows it gets under my skin. I don't always take things personally, but sometimes the way he says it, I can't not let it bother me. Anyway, his mother was rolling her eyes at him, like she does in real life, and someone came to the door. As I walked to answer the door, I exclaim, "That's why I always beat him! We have a love/hate relationship!" In real life we do have a love/hate relationship and there's no one else I'd rather hate. And I do beat him sometimes but he just laughs at me. There are some other fuzzy details of dream people coming and going and this one girl who pranced around in a bikini. She seemed cool but conceited and I was envious of her and her buff body. At some point, there were a bunch of people piling up receipts and getting ready to total them. I think it was for taxes. We were in a white office in the beach house with a door to the balcony. Someone came in the door and the receipts and papers started to fly everywhere because it was windy outside due to an incoming storm and everyone was trying to catch them, including the principal of my son's elementary school. Weird. The last thing I remember was going to this place, which is very fuzzy and seeing Natalie, one of my best friends from high school that I haven't seen in maybe a decade. She was wearing this red, ruffly, button down shirt, which was very hillbillyish, and jeans and it was exactly the same outfit that, in my dream, I pictured her to wear next time we met. Strange. Anyone care to interpret?

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