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I guess he's not a baby anymore. :( More like a monkey, don't you think?! That's why we call him Monkey Boy. Because he runs around exclaiming, "I cay-z whon time!" The funny thing is he knows exactly what this means and he's only 28 months! He's always been a little smarty pants. A couple months ago, I was attempting to turn on the dvd player and the remote wasn't working. Apparently, the battery cover was broken and I was shaking it and tapping it to get it to work, as if that did any good. Monkey Boy ran outta the room and into the kitchen. I was still messing with the controller and hubby asked where he went. I heard him rustling around in the junk drawer and just as I was about to go see what he was doing, he ran back into the family room with a rubber band and said, "dee doh!" which translates to, "Here you go!" I was puzzled for a moment and then he said, "fizit!" which means, "fix it!" He brought me the rubber band to wrap around the battery cover to fix the remote! Daddy and I were so proud!

When he was 17 months old, I wrote a blog about how he wasn't cuddly anymore. Well now at age 2, in addition to a monkey, he's also a cuddle bug! He runs up to me and says, "mommy diss!" or "diss mommy!" (Replace D with K) I love it.

His vocabulary is expanding every day, and he loves to mimick people. Here's a list of things he's currently talking about:

his name: "eee ha" (stressing the "ha" like he's Arabic or something)
strawberries: "sta-babies"
banana: went from "nana" to "bana"
whistle: "whee-sell"
sushi: "soosie" and "mo soosie peez" or "twehwee soosie" ("Kelly sushi" Kelly's our expert sushi-making friend)
when it gets dark outside: "a-mos nite-nite time" ("almost night-night time")
it's raining ouside: "ih waney ou-sigh"
thunder: "funda"
I don't know: "ernie"
fireworks: "fi weh weks up high"
"sooooFAY!!" He likes to yell "souffle!" at the top of his lungs. It's the only word he shouts besides "NOoooo!" I cannot figure out why he chooses to shout this word but can only guess it's because my chocolate souffle effin' rocks. That, and "souffle" is a fun word to say.
"see ya!"
"tay!" Which means "okay" and he says this in place of "yes."
"opeh dis" = "Open this." He'll say this when he wants us to open something such as the box turtle when he's inside his shell. Like that's going to happen.
milk: "mot"
coffee: "foffee" He's obsessed with everything coffee from my coffee grinder to the coffee maker to the coffee itself. That's my boy!
eat breakfast: "eat fifuss"
hummus: "thomas" Yes, I feed him well. *wink*
When someone sneezes: "bess yoo!"
When he hears an odd sound, such as a fart: "wassat?!?!" or "what's that?!"

I have a really long list, but much of it he doesn't say or has learned to enunciate more correctly, so I think I'll stash it in his baby book. He's always cracking us up!

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Serg and Lis said...

My gosh Caryn--your boys are both BEAUTIFUL!!! :) I mean that in the most manly way too;)