Personal ephiphanies

I've learned a few things about myself in the past year, or at least come to terms with them, probably from my excessive thinking about nothing in particular: I'm a free spirit, I get distracted easily and can be a scatterbrain because I frequently get lost in my mind, I'm an OC list-maker (color-coding my inventory), I like to pee with the door shut (hey, I have a potty-training toddler, and it's nearly impossible to have any dignity, especially when he demands to flush the toilet), and I really love being a mom, especially when my toddler says, "wuv woo, Mommy" ("love you, Mommy") and "i cay-z whon time!" (I crazy long time!). As much as I strive for balance & harmony in every aspect of my life, I really do occasionally like a little chaos; keeps life interesting, you know? Keeps me on my toes. I love screw-top bottles, especially on vino because I can open them faster. I'm a Gemini Ascendant (spent a little time at Cafe Astrology) which explains my tedious verbality. I get a little wacky when things are out of whack. I find humor in most situations and don't take life too seriously, and believe we should do what makes us happy to enjoy life. This past year I haven't felt like myself because I haven't felt truly happy 100% of the time. Hubby thinks it has to do with turning 30 and realizing that I'm not getting any younger. I've definitely learned not to take things for granted, but most importantly, I've learned that happiness comes from within. I'm a jubilant soul by nature, and regardless what happens in my life, I still manage to find peace and happiness. I still have much soul-searching to do to figure out what I truly want outta life and what I need to be happy. I feel like I'm in a state of "finding myself" while seeking self-actualization. I don't feel anywhere close to reaching my potential in life and find that very frustrating. Right now I've got my hands full being devoted wife and mother and always promised myself I'd have time for me later on after the kids are older and less dependent. Lately, I've been running outta patience...more on that later. I love making connections with people and believe I can learn much from these such as what characteristics I like and don't like in a person and which ones I want to exhibit more or less, oh, and I'm convinced that wireless Internet is one of the best inventions ever, along with spray tanner!!! Yes!

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