Random Observations

I have this thing for noticing people who have their back pants pockets unbuttoned. Not that I'm always staring at bums, but I have a keen eye for details, thanks to Mother Nature, and swiftly spot asymmetry. Sometimes one is unbuttoned, sometimes both, but usually just one. I have to wonder why people walk around like that, but it seems obvious that these people are clearly unaware of their disheveled backsides. I check mine when pressing my pants and when admiring my bum in the mirror. The latest one was a male teacher at my school, probably in his early 40's who always dresses extremely sharp. I saw him drive away in a BMW. Most of the people who forget to check their pockets are the types who are disheveled in general, but this gentleman threw me for a loop because he is so clean cut. I just have to wonder...

I also have this thing for trying to determine the most used stall when entering a women's restroom facility. Is it the one closest to the door or perhaps the last one? Sometimes I'll try and guess which one someone who enters will use and sometimes I'm correct. Maybe they skip over the first one, thinking that's the most used one, and use the second one. I don't quite have a formula for my theory, but my main concern is choosing the least-used stall for my own personal hygiene.

Finally, I will just spell it out: I HATE LEXUS DRIVERS!!! They are generally clueless and don't know the first thing about driving. They pull out in front of you and fail to accelerate, then, if turning right, practically stop in the road before pulling out of your way! If you're lucky enough to be behind one at a red light, they take forever to get moving. They may as well be riding a donkey. Seriously. The only exceptions to this rule happen to be Libras, including my mother-in-law (yes, she's cool) and Cliff. Every other Lexus driver I hate. Really.

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