Thank God

Greetings, my friends! I've got some good news, but first I'm going to bore you with the details of a day in the life of Smooch...It all started early this morning. I got up at a reasonable time in preparation to leave the house around 9am to be in the heights by 10 am to pick up Jen's and my art from M2. LS wanted to look in a few antique stores on the same street and I was hoping to be finished in that area by noon or so. Well, as you all know me and my poor time management (oh God, what will I do when school starts?!?!), we didn't head out until 10:00. So I'm an hour and a half off, no biggy, until I realize I need to make a stop at the pedi office to drop off an insurance card and pick up a prescription and drop that off at the pharmacy. Now it's almost 10:30 and I thought, "hmmm...it's early enough, I think I'll pop into Urban Outfitters while the kids are content before we go into town." They have some cute, new things on their web site, so I wanted to check them out in the store, AND find a cute outfit for the Crystal Method show on Saturday. So we dropped in, I put a couple things on hold (can't make up my mind right now), and by 11:30 we're finally heading into town! We arrive in good time, pick up the art, which took some time because they were not marked and I had to give visual descriptions. After we left M2, we went into a couple stores and I really wanted to peek into Wear It Again, Sam, an uber cool vintage shop, but they just so happened to be closed on Tuesdays! Argh! So, chicas, we'll have to head back soon and pop into there as well as the shop that has the cute dresses in the window! ;) By the time we got out of the 2nd store, where LS bought an old LP with theme songs from James Bond and Star Wars to name a few, we went to the funky cafe next door for lunch. We ended up having to wait almost 30 minutes for 2 grilled cheese sandwiches and a mozzarella/tomato/basil sandwich for yours truly! E, who was a doll the whole day kept saying, "eat! eat!" Fortunately, I thought fast and remembered the Nilla Wafers in my purse which tied him over until his sandwich arrived. So we ate our over-priced sandwiches that we had to wait too long for and headed to downtown to pick up some promo stuff from Meridian and the CRYSTAL METHOD TICKETS!!! So, I now have 6 pairs of tickets and those of you who said you were interested will get one. Those of you who haven't, lemme know and we'll try and work it out. The first 460 tickets will be free so if you know more people who wanna go, tell them to get there early! BUT, my adventuresome day is only half over! On my way to Meridian, and by now I know the way by heart, I was coming from I45 South (I had to stop by D'neta's house to get the tickets) and DIDN'T GET LOST!!! A couple of you know what I'm referring to...HOWEVER, I was feeling pretty proud of myself that I found it without directions, that I overlooked an intersection that I thought was a 4-way stop, and after I stopped at the sign, then proceeded into the intersection, a car nearly plowed into me!!! He was speeding by and I seriously did not seem him until we had the close call. I felt sooooooo stupid for not paying closer attention, and the woman on the opposite side of the street, who was diligently waiting for her turn, gave me the dirtiest look! I felt so bad because it freaked out the driver and passenger in the car and they swerved into the street I was coming from, then stopped for a moment, probably to catch their breaths. I was right across the street from Meridian so I pulled into the lot. Then, the car turns around, drives past Meridian, does a U-turn, and slows down as he passes Meridian again coming the opposite way. LS and I both thought he was going to come after us and he said, "Mom, let's just go!!" I said, "let's just see", as I dialed the number to Meridian to ask Bob to meet me downstairs with the promo stuff. Luckily, the men turned left and headed back in their original direction. Whew! I would have been soooooo reamed if I got hit, and would have deserved it too! A classic "thank God" moment! I get the posters and we're ready to head back north. I decide to catch the Hardy, and this time, I made it to the right exit!!! I got on the toll road and then realized my car is almost empty!!! I'm driving the GTI and not used to the itsy, bitsy gauges, so I really wasn't paying attention. I get so used to hubby driving it and filling it up unless he warns me that the tank is low. However, he's been moving things from his shop to our garage, so he's been driving the suv. I'm thinking, OK, I should be able to make it to Spring and then I'll fill up. My car has this mileage indicator that comes on when the fuel light comes on. It said 20 miles, meaning I had 20 miles left to go before I could go no more. Then I see a sign that says Spring/The Woodlands 24 miles and think, "oh God." I watch the miles decrease on the indicator, as I turn off the AC and the radio and everything else that may require the energy, and we're nowhere near Spring, and finally it's down to 5 miles and so I take the next exit for 1960. I know the nearest station is the Shell so I head in that direction. I am about 2 lights away from the Shell, then the indicator goes to 0 and I get stopped at BOTH lights! By this time, I'm praying that I don't have to push my car into the station, another thing I would have gotten reamed for. I slowly pull into the station-another "Thank God" moment! I fill up and we're back on the road, only to have to go to the grocery store for the third time this week because I forgot the PB & J and dishwasher detergent. Meanwhile, at the home front, our dishes are piled a mile high and my hubby is starving because he could not find anything else to eat for lunch (aside from PB & J)! So helpless, I tell you, although he'll tell you he didn't have time to piddle around the kitchen!! I finish my shopping, get back on the road AGAIN, after getting a call from hubby who tells me to take 1488 because traffic's backed up! Apparently there was an accident in Conroe and it caused the freeway to shut down and back up to 242 or so. So I take 1488, which is also packed on a Tuesday afternoon and it's not even rush hour! Well, it was 4:30, so close enough. They're doing construction to widen the road, which is a good thing, unless you're traveling west. All I could think was again, thank God I don't have to go that way because it was backed up for a few miles! Fortunately, the boys were well-behaved and the worse thing to happen was E spilling his water all over the back of the car, which, at the time, was the only thing we had to amuse him (Don't worry, Jen, it missed the artwork). He would have freaked out and threw a tantrum if I tried to take his cup away. Most of it landed on him anyway. Big brother was being an annoying silly pants, because he was not on his meds, hence the need to fill the prescription today! And to top it all off, it's over a hundred degrees and all I want to do is go naked! So here I am now, getting ready to make some simple shrimp quesadillas (using my awesome pannini maker!) and a radish slaw while E plays with the dirty dishes in the sink, because right now, it's the only thing keeping him busy! I think it's time for a glass of wine! I'll get with you all on when and where we'll meet Friday.

Hugs and Smooches to All

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