What is it with these women???

So I'm out running errands and shopping around last week and end up in Old Navy. Someone PLEASE remind me NEVER to set foot in there again!!! First of all, the clothes are cheap, they don't fit me well, as are the shoppers. I will purchase a tee or tank every once in a while IF I'm lucky enough to find something cute, and I may buy clothes for the boys, but even so, most of it is junk. I have better luck at Target. Anyhow, I forget what I was looking for, but found a basic tank and cute tee for dirt cheap and proceeded to the check out line. It was taking forever, as usual, and I was reminded again, why I don't shop there. In front of me was this skinny, blonde bombshell who represented the token trophy wife. She even named her kids Carter and Cooper, which to me, make better names for dogs. Cooper was swinging some toy around and almost hit the woman in from of him. His mom just frowned and said, "Cooper, don't do that. You'll hit someone." He continues to swing it around and Carter is laughing. The trophy repeats herself. Coop ignores mom and the toy flings up and out of his hands. Trophy picks it up and gives it back to him and both boys are giggling obnoxiously. Then the trophy says something intelligent,"Coop, if you don't stop, we'll have to take it back to the dentist's office." Wow, what awesome parental tactics. Coop replies with a whiny, "Whyyy?" Trophy: "Because they'll probably want it back." Oooh, how profound. Cooper resumes to swinging it and Trophy is too busy with her transaction and ignores him. I was impressed. What makes these people think they can procreate and have successful contributors to society? It's so comforting to know these people exist among us. Just go back to the bedroom, lady, and do what you do best! Coop will have the honor of growing up to be an attractive drug addict because his trophy mom taught him to be dependent, selfish and have no self control. The scary thing is he may be a future student of mine. He'll surely be in for a rude awakening if I ever have to deal with him...

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