Everything's happening so fast, my head's a-spinnin'!!! It's only Wednesday, but feels like I've been here for weeks! The morning and I aren't getting along very well and my allergies are going haywire! I come home exhausted and can hardly think straight. Welcome back to work! On a positive note, I am very happy to be back. I love everything about art and especially teaching it. So far, my new students are great and I have so much optimism for this school year. There's a good vibe in the air. However, I have so much to do I'm overwhelmed and my brain just kinda shuts off. Good thing we have a 3-day weekend coming up!

It is nice to be back on a routine and so far I'm managing my time well in the a.m. I know my type-A hubby is happy we're back on a schedule. This summer, I had no structure whatsoever. Most days, I had nothing on my agenda besides playing with the boys and playing on MySpace. Hubby would wake me when he left for work and everyday was the same: "You and the boys need to get up early so you guys can be on a schedule and be ready when school starts." I'm thinking, "Ummm, sure, dear, school doesn't start for 6 weeks!" What am I going to do? Hurry outta bed so I can get on MySpace? I still managed to complete my domestic duties, exercise daily and complete a few art projects. I just didn't see the point of getting up early to sit around and do nothing important, aside from MySpace. And now, waking up before dawn is excruciating, but I am going to bed earlier and will quickly adapt. So will the boys. So far, so good.

My toddler is definitely excited with the change. He's been back at his sitter's house since last week and at first it was difficult because he was whiny in the evenings, testing our patience. This week he's not so much whiny as busy. He's a little whirlwind himself. On Sunday, he managed to throw his eggs against the wall, break my coffee press, and spray water all over the kitchen. :( Oh, how I wanted to cry (or get drunk). Good thing I have a back-up coffee maker and a never-ending supply of wine!

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