Tonight E-ha was feeling grumpy after dinner. We all had a busy weekend and are exhausted. I took him upstairs to bathe him and he was fussing about one thing after another crying, "no, nooooooh!" As annoying as it was, it was expressive and cute the way he said it. I asked him, "Why are you so grumpy?" He replied, "No dumpy! Nooooooh!" So I tried to make a game of it asking,
"Are you a grumpy turtle?"
"No dumpy tuda, nooooooh!"
"Are you a grumpy duckie?"
"No dumpy dutie!"
"Are you a grumpy chicken?"
"No dumpy chiten, noooooh!"
Then I threw in more difficult words such as platypus, which was "patipus", porcupine, which was "pok pine", elephant, "ehfant", and rhinocerous, "rice ces ces." I loved how he said "rhinocerous" so much I asked him again and he got tired of repeating everything, and finally said, "otay!"

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