I love midnight hummus...

It's such a comfort food, my hummus, and it's nice knowing it's always there for me in my fridge whenever I get the munchies. It's especially yummy after a night of dancin' when I come home feeling rejuvinated and need a little snack. What I really love though, is the placidity of the night at this time when no one is awake but me. I just returned from Meridian about an hour ago. We had attempted to see The Crystal Method for the second time and missed them a second time. A month ago, their flight was cancelled on the night they were scheduled to perform. Tonight they were rescheduled, and, at 20 after midnight, there was still no sign of them and we had to return home to relieve my parents who were babysitting. I had a blast both nights, Crystal Method there or not. After we heard the show was cancelled the first time, we went to State bar and then to South Beach for a gay time! Tonight, we danced our arses off to El Nino and another opening DJ. They did an awesome job keepin' the crowd, including me, dancin! Such good times indeed!

I had a dozen free tix from doing promotional work for Meridian and brought a few friends. Mike was one who tagged along and stayed much later than we. He said CM came on about 12:35ish and played 'til about 3 a.m.! I don't think I could have lasted that long. It was a DJ set and they played a bunch of their own songs remixed. He said it wasn't much different than what El Nino played, so I don't feel like I missed out too much. He also got to meet the dudes and give them one of his cds. Apparently, they're a big influence of his so he was thrilled to go and happy to meet them.

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Kelly said...

damn, I missed midnight hummus! Ughh!!!