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Why do I need a bio, you ask? Well, you know I've been trying to get myself together and make time for my art and photography. I've got a few projects in the works which require a few words about me and/or my projects. First of all, some colleagues and I are in the process of submitting a prospectus for a joint exhibition at M2 Gallery. I need a brief artist statement for that and here's what I have so far, as well as the rationale:

My rationale:
North From Here…Five women who reside on the north side of Houston…Each one is on her own journey through life. Each one is growing in multifarious ways. As disparate as they are, they share one collective goal: to flourish as artists and advance their careers. Every day is one step closer. Every day they’re moving North…from here.

Jen's rationale:
The show consists of six women-artists who, while having many combined years of experience in various artistic endeavors, are all on the threshold of bringing their work to the public. Though these artists span the spectrum of style and media, they create a cohesive exhibition through friendships, locale and livelihoods. They are all heading North from Here.

I think mine sounds melodramatic, but I'm open to suggestions. We're getting together to edit it soon.

So here's my artist statement which is incomplete, but I had to stretch my brain to get this far:
Lately my art has been all about growing and changing throughout my life’s journey, which is as hectic as can be expected when balancing a family and career. As a result, my mind’s been a mess and I’ve never felt more scatterbrained, or asymmetrically balanced, than this past year. Rearing a two-year-old may just have something to do with it. To counteract the chaos, I turn to my art to work through my feelings and express these emotions that weigh so heavily sometimes (my "Anticipation" and "Anger Management" pieces come to mind as well as "Emerge," of which the latter two are not yet finished).

I dunno. I've been at a loss for words lately, as I've been at a loss on what direction to persue with my work. I've been overwhelmed, and this time, the pressure is working against me. I will tread on regardless; nothing's gonna stand in my way...School's been really busy, as well as my life in general, but not in a negative way. This past week, I kid you not, I had two meetings scheduled almost every freakin' day! And I've been behind on my grading as it is. But my current projects are very motivating, which is something I haven't felt in a while, so I'm optimistic. I just have to jump hurdles while juggling to get to where I need to be. Not impossible, but challenging, nonetheless.

In other news, I have entered a photography contest and submitted four pieces for the Woodlands Photo Club Fall Exhibit. I'm not thrilled about the pieces I entered, but felt it was better than letting another opportunity pass me by. You don't know unless you try. Here's what I entered:

In the Wildlife category...


In the Open category...


I'm not expecting them to win, especially after seeing what I'm up against, AND I framed them like moments before entering them and the glass in the new frames I bought needed cleaning so I'm afraid the pics will look dull from the dust. Oh well. If anything, they will be on display at the library thru November 13th. Our next meeting is on Tuesday, the 8th, when the winners will be announced and all of the entries will be critiqued by the judges so it should be interesting. Guests are welcome, hint, hint!

Finally, I am excited to announce a photography project I have been invited to participate in that is right up my alley. The "Bands and Fans" exhibit, which will be a part of Fotofest 2008, represents the Transformation theme. Participating photographers will shoot various people in their night life elements, which may be drastically different from who they are during the day, hence the term "transformation." We will not only photograph these patrons of the night, but follow them into their daily lives and get a glimpse of who they traditionally are. I am so stoked about this project, being a very curious person and all. I've always wondered if some of the "freaks" are really freaks or are they just showing off. I think this sounds like a fun challenge. And I'm about to nod off here, so I will update with more info soon. Night!

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Serg and Lis said...

Caryn, I truly admire you!!! I always have, actually. The last photo reminds me of eclectic waves I am so blessed to see everyday. I wonder if the surfers, catching waves below me, would identify with your piece--electrifying waves!!!:)
ps. have you just sat. without any distractions, in awe of God's creation around you??? Is there any place you can go to just be in His presence??? I know you are so busy but, I find that these are the times I need quiet times the most! Even if it is just in my closet after my family goes to sleep. It's when I get away from having those peaceful "me" moments that I seem to be able to face crowds with the most strength. But, I know you face the audience with vigor!!! You always have.:)