So I think I'm going to put up a few of these signs in various places around the house when I want to avoid the stench. Places like the kitchen, my domain, where the stench clashes with my coffee cake baking in the oven for example. My vanity area near my bath tub would also be an ideal location. The boyz and I came home from an errand Monday eve and when I entered the house, it reeked like a nursing home! Of course, the only person home swears up and down it wasn't him and that perhaps I'm imagining things. No way! I may also need a "No Penises" sign just for those times when I'm overwhelmed by testosterone and need an escape; or when hubby feels the need to expose himself and wave it around, usually too close to my face. Sometimes it chases me and I'm very traumatized. Why do men feel the need to show it off so often? I never asked for your dick in a box. You don't see us women bouncing and waving our breasts around! Of course if we did, you would just eat that up and we'd be in more trouble than ever. I think the "No Farting" sign will suffice for both since the two go together like nuts in a sack.


Suzy-Q said...

LOL! I remember speaking with you about this the other day. Good times, good times. I suppose you could always chase the hubby around with some poo on a stick.

Genie said...

HA!!!!!!! I totally need this sign! Men can be disgusting. I mean, come on, light some incense or something!

Found your blog while looking for other Texans interested in sustainable living. Awesome blog! Enjoying your photography.