The Best Dish Soap Ever!


When you're a foodie like me, you find yourself collecting a myriad of kitchen gadgets and tools and even small appliances like my grind and brew coffee maker and food processor that require special maintenance like hand-washing the small parts. I don't know why I'm so drawn to things that need special washing. Kinda like that gorgeous silk blouse that beckoned me to buy her, only to find out later she wears a little tag that reads, "hand wash and line dry" or my favorite, "dry clean only." A working mom of two boys has no time for that! Washing things of any kind has never been an enjoyable task for me. I loath doing dishes and laundry, get tired of bathing baby every single night, and you can most certainly not expect me to wash any vehicle of ours any time soon. But these are things that must be done, all requiring special care, and I'm definitely someone who takes pride in caring for my special things. Ever since I bought this soap, I absolutely LOVE washing dishes in the sink! The Geranium scent is one of my most favorites, along with it being a favorite flower, and as soon as I squeeze a few drops into the hot, running water, the aroma is so powerfully calming I forget that I'm actually doing a chore and cannot wait to dirty up my food processor again! I think I'll splurge on the laundry soap. Then I'll have a good reason to fill my closet up with those "hand wash and line dry" items. :)
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Serg and Lis said...

Hear! Hear!
Mom just sent me some of this stuff--it's the gingerbread scent and even though it's not Christmas, I still like to use it!:) Always good to read your posts, pet!!!!!!!

smoochgirl said...

I'm sure the gingerbread is yummy! I haven't gotten over the geranium enough to try another scent, but I do have the lavender shower spray and it's quite lovely. Thanks for reading; I always look forward to your responses. :)

Serg and Lis said...

I feel the same about your comments too--I know you will give the truth and not pussy-foot around me!!!;)

BTW, it's always a pleasure reading your Blog--when you UPDATE it! :)