for Lis

she fussed at me for not updating my blog in forever, and i know she's right. she said just post a cute little picture of you, if anything. i've been a busy bee and really have not spent much time online lately. i plan to post soon. in the mean time, here's your pic, lis:

i got a little sidetracked playing with my imac's photobooth program. here's me as an alien:

picasso style:

hey baby!

my twin

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Serg and Lis said...

THANK YOU!!!! :) You really know how to make a girl feel special;) Trying to figure out which pic. I like the best.....I kinda like the "hey baby!!!"
You look great--it's great to see you!! :)
I know you are busy--thank for taking a sec to appease me:)
Eager to see you guys in March...may be in town until April....we'll have some time to play with! Abrazos y besitos:)