fotofest update

Well, folks, it looks like the exhibit is going to happen! I haven't spoken much about it because there was a HUGE communication gap and it turns out the curator and his assistant had the wrong email address on file (very strange because it is another lady with my same exact spelling and an art-related email). He finally called and briefed me on the show, which we'll hang at The Meridian on Sunday. It will officially open at 3:00 pm, but I do not know how long it will be up or what the viewing hours are. The opening reception will be on Saturday the 15th, but I do not yet have a time. See what I mean? Communication gap. The whole thing's been kinda flakey, so I haven't gotten my hopes up. I'll be a much happier camper once it's hung and I have all the details. See, hubby's birthday is coming up and he wanted to have his party the same weekend and I can't plan anything until I know the time frame of the opening. Anyway, the theme is "Transformations: Bands & Fans." Here's what I'm considering for the show. I have to pick 12.

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Serg and Lis said...

Great pics. Caryn!!!! You, my dear, have some talent! I'm not an expert by any means but, I like looking at your photos!:) Hey, how long will your exhibit be open? I am hoping to see it.....

Congrats!!! I hope the exhibit goes WELL!!!