life's little lessons

After freaking out because Daddy ate the cracker with cheese that he wanted, and not understanding why Daddy couldn't give it back immediately, Daddy had to explain where your food goes when you swallow. Although I couldn't quite capture it in time in this photo, it was truly an "Ah-ha!" moment for E-ha! You could almost see the light go on in his head, it was so funny! Then, he wanted to tell everyone that when you eat something, it will eventually turn to poo poo!


joker said...

So cute!!!

I just happen to pass by your blog. Looks good! Keep it up!

Do drop by my blog and have a laugh!


Lathan, Lauren & Logan said...

Hey there!!!

I JUST now looked over at my old blog and saw your comment (from Feb, I think). I sent you an invite to the new blog and now I've been reading over yours. Your kids are BEAUTIFUL!

Hope you're doing well!