I finally got me one of these bad boys about a month ago! Now I'm officially cool. :) I was one of the last people in the world to have one, but really didn't need one since we have multiple ways to play digital music. I can't really zone out and listen to my tunes with my busy boys (as much as I sometimes want to). However, it has come in very handy for working out, using at school and in the car with one of the old school cassette adapters for the old portable cd players (don't ask why I still happened to have one). It also plays nifty little videos and movies in case I just so happen to be on the go and actually have time to watch a flick. After I got this, we went ipod crazy! Hubby decided he wanted one as he's hooked on podcasts and drives around a lot. We bought our 2nd one from my student for 35 bucks! Then, hubby decides that the friggin' 80 gig pod would be cool to have so he gets one, mainly to use as a hard drive for our extensive cd collection. He's been digitizing like crazy so we can rid ourselves of the bulk from the cds. And we're talking like three 50 gallon Rubbermaid tubs! As if the ipods weren't enough, we also got apple tv. It's a very cool addition to our tech toys.


Serg and Lis said...

Now you are WAY cool!:) I still don't know what those little thingy-mu-bops are;)

We come back a week from Sunday. Be gone from the 19-27Mar in S. Tx., then head back to H-town until the 20Apr. Before I know it,I will be headed back to Lima:( I'm just going to enjoy one day at a time!!!! :)

Have I told you lately how smart I KNOW your boys are???!!!

Love you!!!! :)

smoochgirl said...

Dang it! You'll miss everything: my opening, Steve's partay and my spring break!!! :( Major bummer! Oh well; guess we'll have to have another partay for Lissy. Hmmm...maybe we can do a brunch.

Yuppers, we all know where my boys get their smarts from don't we. *wink*