Rock me like a Hurricane

This has been the BEST week of my life!!!! After a stressful couple of weeks, a hurricane whirls right through our neighborhood and straight toward Dallas. School was canceled Friday, and Ike arrived Friday night. After snuggling up under the covers of our makeshift bed in our downstairs living room, I attempted to drift off to sleep around midnight. About an hour later, I awake to the beeping of battery back-ups running out of juice. What a surprise, our power went out! Around 1:00 a.m.! I was kinda hoping it would last through the night, but noooooo. After that I hardly slept at all. The wind was so strong, beating against our windows, I just knew a tree would fall on our house or a twister would spin us awake and we'd be taking cover in the powder room. I drifted in and out of a sleepy state praying every time my eyes opened. There was a loud boom around 3:00 and hubby went to investigate. A solar screen blew off the upstairs window. I tossed and turned in our ultra-comfy bed (not really) until about 6:00 a.m. when the wind calmed and our preschooler awoke in a VERY happy mood! Too happy at that hour. By that point, I was soooo ready to sleep, relieved that the worst seemed to of passed, but all our son wanted was to "eat brestes" (that's breakfast, you perverts).

So we survived the wrath of Ike without any trees crushing us or tornadoes ripping our home to shreds. A tree did, however, fall across our lawn, blocking our driveway. It was a tall pine tree in our neighbor's yard that always made us nervous during storms. If it fell the right way, it could have fallen right through the roof of our master bedroom and landed in our bed. Inside the tree was a nest full of baby squirrels! We rescued three, tried to feed them milk (which is all we had on hand), and unfortunately, they didn't make it. :( Amazingly, most trees strategically fell so they missed the houses. There were a handful of homes that were damaged by fallen trees and thankfully, most were minor. Ike was certainly more vicious than we expected, and my complacent attitude didn't do us any good. I guess living in the coastal region all my life, hurricanes are just the norm, not that being in the direct path of one is. But it wasn't complacency that got the best of us entirely; we don't watch television, or the news for that matter, and really had no idea how bad the storm was until we got the word it was headed in our direction on Thursday. By then, most local retailers were sold out of supplies, such as water, bread and bananas. :) We now have a small list of supplies to have on hand for the next hurricane season: definitely an AIR MATTRESS, a large ice chest stocked with ice and a battery back-up system that hubby will configure to operate small appliances such as a fan or light, and it would have been nice to have my coffee press as my 3-yr-old broke my last one. I feel fortunate that we have a gas range and hot, running water. I know that's not the case for many people, and my heart truly goes out to them.

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Serg and Lis said...

I'm so pleased nothing happened to you guys and your home!!!!!! :)
Welcome back! ;)