a week off for my birthday!

After three days without power we got a little stir-crazy and decided to go to Austin for the day. It was hubby, Monkey Boy and I, as our older son was with Pop. It was a nice day, although certainly didn't feel like a b-day, mainly because I was not able to be in contact with people to wish me a happy day. However, it was fun to spend it in a favorite city of mine for the second year in a row. Last year we were there for ACL on my b-day and it was one of the best days of my life! Arcade Fire was the best show I've ever seen, hands down. It would be difficult to top the fun I had last year, but this year was certainly interesting and unforgettable in the hurricane afftermath. We ate a nice al fresco lunch at the Shady Grove and then went to the Zilker Botanical Garden, which was very picturesque. They had a winding stream that our kiddo loved dropping leaves in and watching them get carried away in the currant. It was a bit too overcast for great pictures, but I got a few good ones:

Here he is dropping leaves in the stream.

Daddy & Monkey

He would say cheese as he looked AWAY from the camera. Oh, and he has a bruised eye. Lord knows what he did to get that boo boo!

He would rather continue to watch leaves float down the stream than sit still for a few seconds to pose for a picture.

I was loosing light, but love these waterlillies and how they appear to glow.

After we left, we did a little shopping at REI, where we bought a cool, LED lantern which is more convenient than a flashlight, and next door at my favorite store. Unfortunately, I had no luck, but it was fun window shopping and their sale room is three times as big as ours! After that, we went to my other favorite store! Both Austin stores are the best!

On our way home, I got inspired for a little photography project:

I was trying to spell "moon" by making light trails with the moon but only got as far as "moo" because it disappeared behind the trees. Perhaps I'll try again next month...

*update: my N

Later, I learned that school was closed for the week! What a great birthday present. We decided to take advantage of it and drive to Iowa to see the in-laws. More on that later. Now it's time for beauty sleep. Night! :)

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Serg and Lis said...

Great pics, Caryn!!!! :) I still LOVE your hair....