unfinished business

It's been forever since I stopped by for a little blurb. I promised myself that I would be more discipline about keeping this updated, but I get so busy that time just slips by. Seems to be the story of my life these days, so many projects to do, so little time. Now that we're in the holiday season, it will be more difficult to keep up with it all. I plan to post a huge blog that will pretty much sum up everything for the year, sometime before the year's end. So what keeps me so busy? For starters:

My current favorite photo from a recent park visit.

Classic pumpkin patch pic. He would hardly be still or quiet long enough for me to shoot.

Yup, this cutie keeps me consistently on my toes, although he's such a blast to be around. Aside family matters, I started painting the kitchen cabinets black. They will look great once finished, but it's such a tedious process. I'm hoping to complete it over the break, or get pretty darn close. I'll post pictures when I'm done. Aside from painting the kitchen, I've started painting artistically again. I'm working on a figure by a lake which is more or less a self portrait but right now it looks very much like I'm starving. It'll look nice once I complete it and I WILL complete it by the end of the month so I can enter it into the Hunting Art Prize. Hey, I've got nothing to loose and a chance to win $50,000! It's totally worth a shot.

Here's a recent picture of me:
I'm just kinda hangin' around these days. :)


Lis said...

Cute arse!!! what were you doing??? i want to see more pics of this outing! :)

smoochgirl said...

*Snicker* I took my photo students on a field trip to the Renaissance Festival a few weeks ago. This was a bungee-bounce attraction they had. I bounced probably 15 feet in the air and here I was trying to flip, which I did. ONCE. It's much harder than it looks and my core's not fit enough at the moment to do it. Guess my work's cut out for me, or I gotta cut myself up. Or something.