Visit to the Corn-fed State

The week after Ike hit, we were without power so we hopped in the car and drove to Iowa. The in-laws live there and we've been overdue for a visit (3 yrs to be exact). We met our new nephew, who is now 2. Funny little guy, he has a black G.I. Joe doll he calls "Uncle Joe" (which is even more funny considering he has an Uncle Joel, who is most certainly not black) and he totally rocks on air guitar. As much as I love road trips, this one wasn't exactly a piece of cake, but not exactly a nightmare like last time when our Monkey Boy was a baby and cried the entire time. As I've said before, when it rains, it pours, so the day we take off, my potty-training preschooler comes down with diarrhea. Yup, good times. However, he got so used to going to the bathroom every hour or so, that after this trip he was completely potty-trained! Once we got into Iowa, the car started idling heavily, and all I could think was, great, we're going to break down in the middle of a corn field with nothing in sight for miles with a kid who needs to poo, and with our luck, there would be no phone signal either! But that didn't happen. My wonderful, handsome, SMART husband suspected it was the fuel filter and we were able to find an auto parts shop once we got back into civilization in a small town called Urbandale. We stopped, he replaced it and we got back on the road for our last 2-hr leg with absolutely no idling. It was a nice visit with the family. The weather was gorgeous and the boys took advantage of playing outside the entire time which made my mother-in-law's psychotic dogs thankful.

Daddy fixing car

Pit-Stop Shot

Fun on Wheels

learning to cycle

putting little brother to work

Little Brother's not happy about getting left behind!

Cute Cousins

"Uncle Joe"


The whole gang

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Lis said...

YEAH, great to see you back! Love the pics--you are talented, my friend! :)
Can't wait to see the self portrait!!