It's been ages since I've sat down for a heart-to-heart with my blog; something that's been dragging me down. And for what reason? I don't owe it to anyone, yet feel I owe it to myself. When I share photos and blurbs to the world, I feel like I'm accomplishing something. Lately, however, it seems there's very little time to accomplish anything I want to accomplish; another thing that's dragging me down. I've been in a funk and can't seem to shake it. As much as I hate to say it, life sucks right now! But I'm tired of my Pollyanna outlook and have decided to face reality. Those who know me, know I'm usually a happy-go-lucky, free-spirited person. It bums me out that I don't feel that right now. So I was hoping that venting my thoughts would help me put things into perspective. I used to write frequently in my journal, and still do when I need to sort my thoughts that I don't want to share with the WWW.

One thing that helps me keep my positive outlook is to count my blessings. With that said, I'm thankful to have a secure job (at least for the time being) that I enjoy. Even though at the moment I feel my grading is endless and can't seem to get caught up, I don't dread coming to work every day. I get to work in a creative environment and help inspire people. In return, I get inspired myself which is refreshing. And, of course, who can complain about having summers off?

I'm grateful for my family. As much as I suffer from PMS (putting up w/ men's shit) I cannot imagine life without my boys. They are my pride & joy, as well as an endless source of entertainment.

I'm glad to have a roof over my head, at least for now. We've been trying to fix up our home to put on the market this spring. Hubby's business is on a downward spiral and is having trouble pulling $500/week. We are still able to pay our bills, but it wrecks our plan for getting out of debt this year. We're hoping to sell our home and find a lower-cost abode while keeping our credit in tact. We have A-plus credit and don't want to ruin it. Best case scenario would be to sell our home and make enough profit to pay down some, if not all of our debt. It's highly unlikely with our current economy, but one can always wish. I'm sure we'd be lucky to sell it without being upside-down. We're currently trying to sell our beetle and have only gotten two calls!

I'm happy to be able to eat well. As much as we've cut back on everything from frivolous sprees to not eating out, we're still eating quality whole foods. I refuse to resort to processed crap! I have scaled back on fancy condiments and expensive cheeses and such, but I'm still able to purchase organic foods without breaking the bank. I have not yet cut my wine budget, but have been buying "budget" wine! They're actually not bad for everyday sipping. My favorites are Hardy's Shiraz in the 3 liter box and Ste. Genevieve Shiraz. The latter is a Texas wine, and I'm always happy to support our local economy. :)

I'm grateful for my good health and healthiness of my family.

That pretty much sums it up. I have everything I need.

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Lis said...

ah, Car.!!! Winter will be over before you know....Spring will be come. This phase is only for a season.

Thinking of you often, it's been a while since we've chatted!!!!!!