Monkey Boy was excited about Valentine's Day this year, especially since he celebrated early at his preschool party. He made this festive hat and was soooooo proud of it, he wouldn't take it off! So yes, he's in a new preschool, three days a week, and enjoying it very much. Daddy keeps him the other two days a week since business has been dead.
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On Valentine's Day, we were fortunate enough to get a break from our boys for a few hours. Monkey went to a parent's night out at his school and big brother went to my aunt's house where Pop would later pick him up. It took a bit of strategic planning since we weren't sure if Pop would be able to pick him up because he and my mom were with my grandmother and her ill husband in the hospital. Thankfully, it worked out and Hubby and I enjoyed a quiet dinner at home. I made reisling poached rainbow trout with roasted veggies, and a roasted Brussels sprout salad with walnuts in a mustard vinaigrette. For desert, I made my signature chocolate souffles. We started the day off with heart-shaped chocolate scones for breakfast before Monkey's Taekwondo lesson:

Brings back memories of last year when we celebrated V-Day "family style" with a heart-shaped pizza I made for dinner! We also shared a yummy bottle of zinfandel that we enjoyed with some chocolates! In my book, Valentine's day is all about the food (and chocolate) no matter how it's celebrated!

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