german fest

Lately, we've been trying to reconnect as a family and find more family activities that cost little or no money to fight the boredom blues. I've mentioned that we've had some hardships, and I came this close to writing an entire blog about why my life sucks, but I don't feel like ranting, and the truth is, it could be a whole lot worse. Midterm week has passed and all my grading is caught up, which takes a huge burden off my back and makes me feel a hundred times lighter. And some days are better than others. Like today when we went to the "German" Festival in Tomball, which was more like a hick fest, but entertaining all the same. At first, it was sort of a joke when I suggested yesterday that we go. My older son was like, are you kidding mom? Hubby thought it sounded interesting, so we were like what the heck, it's free. I think the only thing German about the whole thing, aside from the tuba quartet, was the beer, but even that's questionable because there was plenty of Bud around. I tried one of the "German" beers, but can't remember the name... it had a funny name, and it was pretty good. The weather was perfect. Monkey Boy loved the restored caboose that was parked in the park so we spent a good deal of our time watching him climb in and out of it. The we watched him bounce around in a dalmatian and car moonwalk, which he loved. There was so much fried, smoked and bar-b-qued food, the smells alone could have given someone a heart attack. At the end of the street, there was a cheesy amusement park with silly games to win the most hideous prizes, like a giant stuffed purple and neon green snake, and the tiniest roller coaster I've ever seen. Monkey wanted to ride the ferris wheel with the little cages that flipped upside down. And he would have loved it if he was tall enough, not that I'd let him. I don't trust the safety of those temporary rides and don't want my kid to risk it. We stood and watched for a few minutes and all I could think was that we humans are such peculiar creatures to seek such bizarre entertainment in comparison to the rest of the mammal world. And we laugh at dogs who chase their tails! On the way back to the car, we passed by an "antique" store my older son has been in with my dad. They had the usual junk in addition to a small shrine with a gospel choir on a dusty shelf and a spooky doll. I did, however, spot a gate leg table for under a hundred bucks marked down. I had no money but called my mom to tell her she needed to get it because it was too good of a deal to pass up. And if she couldn't use it, she could give it to me for my birthday! It was in need of some TLC and I would have stripped it and painted it black and turned it into a bistro table in my living room by the window, or maybe use it to stage the house to sell. It would work nicely as a breakfast room table with the leaves pulled out. I just had that feeling like I had to have it, like it was meant to be, you know? Maybe my folks will surprise me... On the way home, Monkey had worn himself out so much that he crashed as soon as we left. He had a busy day even before we got to Tomball. We had gone to Academy on the way, and he had a hey-day with some other boys in the toy isle, chasing them around with some sort of gripping claw thing and a pop gun. Days like these are the ones we'll look back and remember. Hubby and I laughed the whole time with the wide variety of people and weird things. Joke or no joke, I'm glad we went. :)

I saw this guy on our way to the festival. It appeared to be in a vacant used car lot.

the caboose the boys played in

the most "German" scene I could find

"Berry-go-Round" ride

part of the gospel choir shrine

scary doll

Monkey crashed


lacy said...

thx for your comment! I did take some funny photos but kept it blog friendly on the posting! tee hee. jeans... try nordstrom, Yeah it is a financial splurge but you will wear them for a long time and get your $$ worth! You have the best bod I am sure you will find something rockin! You got some great shots of the fest! Way to go on the 'staycation"

smoochgirl said...

Thanks for the compliments, Lacy! I can understand keeping the photos "tame"! One of these days, I will splurge on a pair of designer jeans. My biggest issue, aside from the price, is finding a short inseam. Many of the ones I've tried on are made for people a foot taller than me, and I hardly see the point of getting them altered, especially after spending so much to begin with! The Joe's Provacator does not work well with my curvy bum, and there aren't too many more that come in "petite" sizes. I've tried on a few pairs at resale shops, but for some reason or another, they didn't work. Maybe I'll just design my own! :)

lacy said...

Ohhh I can't wait to see the Peacock bag! You must do a posting on it!

lacy said...

p.s Nordstrom will alter your fancy jeans for free! A perk of spending all that money.

smoochgirl said...

Sweet! Must go to Nordstrom! Can't wait...will have to figure out a way to justify it to Steve and then hide the receipt! :) I've already found a couple pairs on their web site, but they don't have in-store pick up, so I don't know if that means they don't carry them in store or not. Seems to be true for lots of petite designers: they're available online, but not in store. Bummer.