"I waked up and got a Beaver."

Monkey turned four yesterday and slept through his party. :( He was acting grumpy all weekend and felt a little warm on Saturday. Sunday morning we ran some errands, returned home in time for lunch & nap, but he never fell asleep. I still needed to get groceries for his "shoosie" (sushi, as he requested) party, so Daddy, he and I went in spite of his 102 fever because he INSISTED! He crashed on the sofa when we returned and stayed there even after Nina & Pop arrived with my eldest. I made veggie California rolls, which tasted good, but fell apart, and veggie tempura. My rollin' skills are lamentable, but I'm workin' on it. Don't get much practice in these days. Plus, I used brown rice, which I think is less sticky. So we manage to rouse Monkey enough to sing happy birthday, blow out the candles and eat a little cake. He's alert enough to unenthusiastically say "cheese:"

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Immediately afterward, he dropped out of his chair and crashed on the floor:

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It's a good thing we're planning his big party in two weeks! He's feeling much better now. This morning, he was quick to rise after sleeping so soundly, which relieved me. He said "yesterday I waked up and got a beaver (fever). why?" I told him he caught a little bug which gave him the fever. "I don't wanna bug inside my body! I want it out!" I explained that the bug was not a real bug, but a bad bacteria that caused his body to heat up to fight it off. Then I threw in "that's why it's important to cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze and wash your hands before eating." Now I seem to have caught his bug, but so far, it's not a beaver!

Speaking of Monkey's birthdays, this little scenario came to mind: Last year on his b-day, I was making up my bed and heard "I see butt!!" in my adjacent bathroom. I thought, "oh god, what's he getting into?!?" and hurried in to investigate. This is what I found! Of course, I reached for the camera!

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