inspiring, artful weekend

last weekend was eventful & very productive. the kind of weekend where you feel content starting the week because you got so much accomplished. friday night my folks kept the boys while hubby and i went to a local "art crawl" featuring work focused on the figure (meaning nudes; i failed to leave this important little detail out when describing the event to the hubby who usually groans when i drag him out to another "art thing." he said he wouldn't have given me such a hard time if he had known. :). there were two galleries and a warehouse within walking distance that held the work. most of it was fabulous and i had several colleagues & friends participating, including jenny, melianie, mike & john. lesley humphrey, a delightful brittish woman whom i took the most inspiring painting workshop from last fall was there with some extraordinary pieces (no surprise). she asked how i was doing and i told her i'm busy with a preschooler and a young teenager, which hasn't allowed me much time for my own artwork. "aah, it must be a circus then!" she pinpoints exactly. "yes! i feel like a ringmaster of two very complicated acts!" i exclaimed. hubby and i had a blast enjoying the work and schmoozing with the local creative folk with plenty of wine in hand. i was so proud of jenny as she's moving in a more conceptual direction as she grows artistically. she's got two young girls, is working on her master's degree and still finds time to enter all the exciting art shows. i'm certainly envious, but she inspires me all the same. as we were leaving, we realized we had not one, but two flat tires, both on the driver's side! this is just our luck. i called jen, who picked us up and took us to the nearest gas station to get a couple cans of fix-a-flat. she's so generous and was willing to take us anywhere our hearts desired, but the fix-a-flats were enough to air up the tires and get us home.

the next morning, the folks came to get me to take monkey to taekwondo. in the mean time, hubby had an appointment to show the beetle he's been trying to sell. after taekwondo, we took the boys to the park followed by an al fresco mexican lunch. it was such a beautiful day! after lunch, we shopped for a bit at marshall's, where i found a couple of basic tees. then we went to the senior living facility that is the new home to my maternal grandmother. we got there in time for afternoon bingo and saw grandma before she saw us. we didn't want to interrupt, so we quietly watched from the back of the room. somehow, monkey made friends with the bingo caller and all he wanted to do was turn the cage and give the numbered balls to her. after a few minutes, grandma realized we were there, stopped mid-game to greet us and show my mom and older son to her room. monkey still wanted to help with the numbers, not wanting to go hang out with grandma. thankfully the caller was patient and enjoyed his "assistance." we eventually talked him into doing a bunny puzzle with grandma. after a nice visit, pop took us home and i made dinner. i was so wiped out from our busy day that i climbed into bed early that night.

sunday morning i cooked breakfast, colored my hair, painted my toes and cleaned my studio space upstairs. you know, important things that a girl has to do. after lunch, hubby dropped monkey and i off at the local art festival where i had students in an exhibition and a dumpster decorating contest. we strolled around, looked at some art and i ran into some old friends/colleagues (cindy & dave and bob & karen). meanwhile some dreadful scottish rock band was playing with a piper that sounded like a drowning cat. by then, monkey was desperate to get out of his stroller, so i found a sidewalk sans people to let him run loose. we came across a clown making balloon animals with a very long line. the student art exhibit was right there so i decided to check that out in hopes that the line would die down. it didn't, of course. it was longer. monkey INSISTED on getting a balloon animal even after explaining to him that he'd have to be patient. so we waited...and waited...and waited. he was so very patient. finally it was his turn and he had decided on a "girl kitty." the clown had a funny heart-shaped balloon with a cat's face and she made the rest by twisting and turning the long, skinny balloon. it was such a windy day and a huge gush of wind blew the kitty from monkey's hands and on to the lawn where it popped. he was in a state of disbelief, but just before he lost it, the clown graciously said she'd make another. we waited patiently again and i gave her a nice tip. i explained to monkey to hold it with two hands so it wouldn't blow away. we proceeded to the children's tents, adjacent to the stage, as the student award ceremony began. he played in a sand center, then made a marble paint masterpiece while making ME hold his balloon kitty with TWO hands. by then i was ready to go and convinced him it was time to leave without kicking & screaming. we walked across the street to the store where i bought some fruit for his upcoming easter party and a pot of live mint to plant. i felt so good by the end of the day, especially after learning the beetle sold. hubby was in good spirits as well and i know unloading the car is one less thing for him to worry about. one of the keys to avoiding depression is to stay busy doing fun things! so far we're on a roll with finding cheap entertainment! life is good. :)

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