retail therapy

first of all, if a woman ever says she's not materialistic, she's lying. some are just more so than others. as much as i've tried to deny it, the fact is that though i'm very practical and can go a while without spending money on myself, a little splurge here and there make me a very happy girl! even in these hard economic times, a little retail therapy is important to lift a girl's spirit. heck, even window shopping helps me get my fix sometimes! so my latest fix is a gorgeous, peacock-embellished bag from anthropologie:

and a close-up of the peacock:

i can justify this because it was on sale, the last in stock, and i needed a lighter weight bag for spring/summer (as opposed to my heavy, patent leather purse).not to mention i love peacocks. and my family only had to give up one or two meals to pay for it.


lacy said...

Some of my good girl friends call going to Antro going to "church" and it makes me giggle every time. What a great anthro find! I LOVE IT!~

smoochgirl said...

I desperately need to attend church more regularly then! :)