fleeting beauty


*update- the squash vine was apparently attacked by some caterpillars and is now turning brown and withering away. :( we plucked the vine while it was still green and put it in water in hopes of helping the squash, which i'm pretty sure are butternut, would fully grow & ripen. looks like that's not going to happen. however, i now want to plant some butternut squash seeds, as that is my favorite squash, but i will have to research ways to keep the evil caterpillars at bay!

a squash vine spontaneously started growing in our compost, which isn't the first time some seeds have germinated and began growning in the fertile soil out there. we've had tomato plants spring up out of the blue, but unfortuntely they were too late in sprouting and died in the first winter frost before they even flowered. we also had a couple of sunflowers, some bean sprouts, green onions, leeks and an avocado tree that is currently in critical condition because hubby plucked it up thinking it was a weed and destroyed most of it's roots. he potted it and we're keeping our fingers crossed. i noticed this squash flower a few mornings ago and was amazed at its simple beauty. i'm glad i captured it when i did because by the time i came home from work, it had withered and started to die. i just love watching things grow. the little squash is now almost ripe enough to pick (i think).
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lacy said...

I LOVE THAT! I just did a post on weeds too. I LOVED LOVED LOVED your recipe for veggie wash, I can't wait to try it! Thank you for sharing it with me!

Genie said...

I know you can cook with squash blossoms, as hubby is better at growing the blossoms than the squash, I may have to learn how to prepare them.