week of firsts

i wanted to write a quick blurb before it gets swallowed up by all the craziness that is currently my life. the last week of school is such a bittersweet time; bitter because of all the end-of-year demands and sweet because it's the end of the year. it's like someone is dangling a belgium dark chocolate from a string right in front of my mouth to where i can smell it and maybe even lick it, and as i attempt to bite it, it's whirled away and the person says, nope, first you gotta hop on one leg while spinning around, rubbing your tummy and patting your head ALL at the SAME TIME! not impossible, you say, but for someone who is not coordinated, it would take much practice! in other words, it will feel like i've worked an entire month in the last week of school and by the weekend i will be perplexed that it's all behind me!

okay, so back to the firsts. amidst all of the end-of-year festivities, my 4-year-old got his first bee sting. :( it was sad, but he bounced back pretty quickly. he and his big brother were playing in the backyard when i hear this horrible yell turn into a scream. it sounded all too familiar and i knew what happened. i dashed outside as he was running toward the door holding his elbow. his big brother was saying, "i didn't do it! i didn't do anything!" as he occasionally is the cause of his distress. based on monkey's scream, i knew he was right. i calmed him down and gave him some ice as his sting began to swell a little. finally he sternly asked, "what was that thing that stung me? why did it sting?" obviously, he was offended. i tried to explain the best i could that insects will bite or sting when they feel threatened. then i found out he was hitting the air conditioning unit, which happened to be home to the wasp and was not happy about the noise. overall, i think a lesson here was learned: DON'T PISS OFF THE WASPS! my eldest son was the same age when he was first brutally attacked by a yellow jacket. and he was innocently minding his own business.

the other first for monkey this week was his first end-of-school preschool program! it was all too cute. kids ages 2-5 were singing various songs they learned in their classes. there was the classic loud kid singing waaay out of tune and the classic little girl showing off her diva side. unfortunately, i did not have my camera with me and could not document this event. monkey, who was one of the only ones not dressed up, but wearing a cute shirt he made with his class' hand prints and looking quite festive, had a little trouble sitting still and got in trouble a couple of times! then he begins playing with sofia's hair. she's the little girl he had his first crush on!

fast forward to june 8th, my first day off for summer! i couldn't be more relieved and ready for a break.

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