where do boobies come from?

my 4-yr-old never ceases to amaze my husband and i (or crack us up). ever since he was a baby, we just knew there was an adult inside his tiny body. before he could even speak, he had a look on his face like he understood every word. he's always been very observant, taking in every last detail. so it came as no surprise the other day, while driving home from taekwondo, that he asks, "where do boobies come from?" hubby and i grinned at each other as i answered, "when a girl gets to be a certain age, they grow."
"how?" he asks.
"hormones" i reply.
"what are hormones?" he asks.
"special chemicals in your body that controls those types of things."
"oh. will sofia grow boobies when she gets bigger?" (remember sofia was his first crush.)
hubby proudly grins with a look on his face that reads "that's my boy!"

and last night as hubby was cleaning his gun, monkey was asking him questions. i didn't hear the gist of the topic, but i did hear him reply, "that's really clever." that's my boy. :)

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Lis said...

I didn't know Steve had a gun!? that's awesome...he and Sergio should go to the range sometime! I totally believe that your boy/s would say something like that!