happiness is...

when you realize you've lost three pounds on the same day a dress you order from anthropologie (in a size 4, thank you very much) arrives! i've been working on exercising regularly again, loosing my unhealthy habits and incorporating healthy ones and i'm thrilled with my progress. for the first time in my life, i was struggling with weight and body image issues earlier this year. my clothes begun to fit tighter and i got lazier. as i mentioned, it was a mentally exhausting year and all i wanted to do after work was relax with a glass or two (sometimes three, and occasionally, ahem, four) of wine. after that i was too sluggish to squeeze in a workout. i turned to comfort foods and didn't really care what i put into my body. i was in a funk. each year, especially during the winter months, i do slow down my activities, as most people do, and indulge in the festive foods and drinks of the holidays. after a few weeks of celebrating, it gets old and all i want to eat is salads or raw veggies. i start working out more vigorously, loose my winter fat and all is right as rain. this year, however, was different, as i couldn't get motivated to loose my winter fat, that is, until i got so frustrated from all my clothes fitting too tightly and looking unsightly. i refused to buy "fat girl" clothes, not that i had the budget for new clothes anyway. i knew for a fact that exercise is my antidepressant and would resolve most of these issues, but i ignored that fact for a while. swept it under the rug and pretended it was not there. of course that is not like me at all and i couldn't take it anymore. SOMETHING had to be done. so i decided to change my bad habits over the summer break. i found a great book and exercise program that motivated me to get in shape! i'm happy to say, i've been working out for at least 30 minutes a day for most days of the week, for the past couple of months. i was hoping to see more dramatic results, but i'll take what i got. i've lost a few inches in various places and my clothes are fitting and looking better. i'm able to wear a size 4 pant that i haven't been able to wear since last year! it feels great to be back on track and i don't plan to stop any time soon. my goal is to loose about 3-5 more pounds by my birthday and another 2-3 by october for a total of about 7-8 pounds. then i'll reward myself with some new hot ass jeans!

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