summer going by in a breeze

it's hard to believe it's been over a month since my last blurb. the summer is going by so fast my head's a spinnin'. what have i done to show for it? overall, it's been a nice break. last year was so mentally exhausting i was hardly motivated to do anything besides veg on my days off. and even though i still haven't completely checked off my to-do list, it hasn't been a complete waste of time. for starters, i've had the most fun with my preschooler. i wish i always had a pen in hand to record his verbal reasoning. one of the most amazing things about rearing a human being is watching him learn about the world in which he lives. the intelligence we demonstrate at such an early age blows my mind. i will miss playing with my 4-yr-old when school resumes. we've had a blast making balloon "amimows," making crafts, playing with play dough, bubbles, going to the children's museum, planting seeds, cooking & baking (he's an excellent sous chef), and going to the park and pool. my older child has pretty much taken residence with my parents this summer, so we haven't seen much of him. he's become my dad's newest tennis partner which makes us all happy.

a couple weekends ago we (my family of four) had a weekend getaway with my parents and grandmother in san antonio. it was a nice change of scenery and very relaxing. my husband especially enjoyed the hotel's cable tv. we strolled around the riverwalk, took the boat tour and walked to the alamo as my 13-yr-old had never been there. i haven't been in years and it was weird how the alamo, an icon of texas history, is surrounded by a ripley's believe it or not and other nonsensical touristy attractions. we ate some fabulous meals and enjoyed some fabulous wines, which is one of my favorite things about traveling. the 2nd night, my parents graciously agreed to keep our boys in their room with them and grandma while big daddy and i had a break. we weren't really sure what to do, so we took an evening walk along the river, which was silly because that's what every monkey was doing and being a friday night and all, it didn't feel safe being so close to the water. i suggested the irish pub, but hubby was in the mood for something frosty, so we paid a pretty penny for a couple of the best margaritas we've ever had in a cheesy hip-hop bar across from the hotel. his was frozen with mango and a swirl of chambord and mine was on the rocks made with patron. after that, there wasn't much going on, so we went back to our room to indulge in cable tv once again. the next day, we walked to the children's museum which had this awesome ball maze my preschooler was enamored with and played in there for a good hour! too bad we don't have one of these at home. that was only one part of the museum and he was not the least bit interested in seeing the rest. i convinced him to take a potty break and we took a little tour on our way to the bathroom, but he insisted on going back to the ball "cashines," or machines. we had to bribe him with ice cream to get him to leave for lunch. after lunch, we went to the natural bridge caverns to tour the caves. that was a pretty cool excursion and i thought i got some cool pictures, only to find my iso was too high, therefore turning out grainy prints. i still haven't had time to edit them, but will post asap. all in all, it was a nice change of scenery.

now i'm back in my first week at school prepping for the new year with students. i'm getting pumped and feeling determined to make this a better year than last. cheers!

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