oh happy day

on this day, 33 years ago, i came into this world kicking and screaming. not much has changed since then. :) lately, i find it extremely hard to focus on what's important. here we are, on the verge of loosing our house and all i want to do is go shopping! i've become obsessed with things that carry a price tag of over a hundred bucks each: a sweater dress from anthro, tall, cognac boots, designer jeans, etc. what the hell is wrong with me!

*next day: i had this entire blog written and my husband decides to play program director and shut off the internet connection because he thinks i'm not discipline enough to put myself to bed at a reasonable time. it was 10:30. all i had left to do was publish this post then thank my facebook friends for their birthday wishes. now it's gone. GONE. i was feeling elated because my wonderful friends and acquaintances took the time to think of me on the anniversary of my birth. i wasn't exactly in the mood to go to sleep at that particular moment. now i'm really kicking and screaming. thanks, hon for showing me how glad you are that i was born.

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Lis said...

lol at your last sentence! ;) i understand all too well about the first paragraph....this too will pass.

GREAT picture of yoU!!!!!!!!!!! So cute, and I just LOVE your hair!!!!

GLad you were born this day, 33 yrs. ago! ;)