40 bucks!

I know this is a totally random post, especially considering I haven't posted anything since NOVEMBER, but I'm super excited and just had to share! I made 40 dollars selling two therapeutic rice pillows scented with essential oils! They are the kind you can toss in the nuker for a minute or two, then lay over your shoulders to ease neck and back pain. I made a couple for Christmas gifts and had a couple extras. One of my school's secretaries asked if I happen to know where to get those and I said, well, I happen to make them and would love to work out a deal. She wanted two and offered me 20 bucks a piece, which is more than I would have sold them to her for, but she refused to buy them for less! So now, I'm itching to go fabric shopping, make a few more and start an Etsy site! This will be my spring break project. I am so looking forward to spring break!

To follow up on my last post, we have not received any offers on the house and have had maybe three showings since then. Hopefully things will pick up this spring. I also plan to do more painting in the house which will hopefully freshen it up and make it more inviting. I'm anxious to paint the living room green, although much more muted than before! The current neutral color is driving us all mad. Perhaps I'll do one of those before and after blogs...

I have a few more things to post which is also on my list for spring break, which can't get here fast enough! It's been a crazy, hectic year. More to come soon.

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