happy new year!

Instead of making a new year's resolution, I've decided to chose a one-word them for the year to live by. It will serve as a constant reminder of my goals and the changes I want to make in my life. The word for 2011 is RENEW. Each month, I will be choosing a particular aspect of my life that needs renewal, or a makeover, if you will. I plan to post my progress to keep me accountable. For this month, I need to renew my dwelling spaces and get organized! I function better and stress less when my life is clear of clutter. My goals include cleaning out closets and cabinets and getting rid of the stuff I don't regularly use, both at home and in my classroom, freshening up paint around my house, organizing my photos and completing my scrapbooks as well as organizing my digital photos and uploading to a web gallery, going through my artwork and photography and find some pieces to frame and hang on the walls of my home, and organizing all of the loose pages of recipes that have taken over a cabinet in my kitchen. I'm sure I will find other areas once I get started, and I may not get it all done this month, but if anything, I will form a plan and schedule a time to tackle an area so it will eventually get done this year. I really need a breath of fresh air and getting organized will do the trick. As I begin this tedious undertaking, I will post before and after photos and share what I did as well as an helpful tips. If you have any tips or suggestions for taking control of the clutter so that it doesn't control you, please share!

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