Meet "Bo"

Bo is our newest member of the family. We adopted him at the beginning of November, 2010 and he's about a year old. Still acts like a puppy. So far, he's proven to be both equally dumb and intelligent. He acts like a cat and loves to chase around the flashlight beam, literally running in circles trying to catch it! Outside, he'll start hauling ass for no apparent reason, then slip on the wet grass. Makes for great comic relief! Bo's a quick learner and eager to please. In one day, I taught him to sit, shake and speak. Later, I taught him to dance on his hind legs. Occasionally, he confuses the commands or he'll do them all in order to get a treat! He knows what "the paper" is, which is a rolled up magazine used to swat his ass when he's naughty. Of course, if we mention the word "paper" he'll cower and lay down on his mat, so we don't actually need to swat him. Overall, he's a really great dog. He's very sweet and patient when he gets tormented by the boys. Now if we can rid him of his chewing habit- he chewed the tongue of my husbands new running shoes, among other things, but I think he's a keeper. He'll eventually grow out of these bad habits. It's nice having a four-legged companion in the house again.

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