arcade fire did not disappoint

You'll have to excuse the bad photo. We were seated in the rear, stage left, and my little coolpix camera did the best he could. It would figure that the Canon G12 camera I ordered came in the very next morning! I took some photos with my friend's newer coolpix camera, and they appeared to be a little sharper. She's going to send them this weekend, so we'll see.

Although I did not get the post-concert high I was expecting, I had a great time. The evening began with a small dilemma: my husband decided at the last minute that he didn't want to go. Crazy, I know, but he's type A, which stands for anxious (among other things), and since he had his last chem class in the morning before his final, he was feeling a little apprehensive. I don't blame him, but tried to convince him that sleep is overrated, you know? It's for the dead. :) After a couple of hours of trying to find someone to GIVE the ticket to so it wouldn't be wasted, he changes his mind and everything worked out. However, after dropping the boys off at my parent's, we arrived at promptly 9:00 p.m. and missed the two opening bands. I'm not really disappointed. I heard Schmillion sucked and Explosions in the Sky was good, but put everyone to sleep. We found our seats and greeted my friends. I was in the mood for a glass of wine, especially with the cool breeze in the air and talked hubby into having one of those big-ass, overly-priced strawberry margaritas, my treat. My girlfriends and I ordered our drinks just before Arcade Fire took the stage, opening with Ready to Start. Every song was fantastic; they played all my favorites, ending with my most favorite (tied with Rococo) Sprawl II. Regine is just the cutest performer. Rococo wasn't as intense as I had hoped, but I loved it all the same. In fact, the sound in general wasn't as intense as the ACL show in '07, probably because we were in the upper section on the far right instead of center stage. At least there were no tall people blocking my view. That is, until they played Neighborhood #3. Prior to that, Win mentioned something about how he used to work at the pavilion when he was a teen and was in charge of checking tickets to be sure they were in the correct section. Then he said after a while he stopped checking, and all of a sudden there was a mob of people rushing to the stage! Many got to the front before the ushers knew what was going on and then they began blocking the isles and sending people back to their seats. People had moved down to the front of our section, and even though we were in the 2nd row, that obscured the view somewhat. For the most part, the couple seated in front of me remained seated until the encore, which was a good thing because when the man stood up, he was about 9 feet tall. Then I went to the rail for the final song and to unsuccessfully record a video on my cheesy camera. The 90 minute set went by way too fast. I danced the entire time (with the exception of Sprawl I, which is not danceable at all). Little Brother Butler was a hoot to watch! He ran around beating his drum like a mad man, which was funny because most of the music is so serious. My husband said he was probably thinking, "yeah, bitches, we're makin' 12 grand off this show!" And after only five hours of sleep that night, I felt completely hung over the next day. But it was so worth it. Sleep is overrated after all. And hubby enjoyed himself too in spite of his pre-exam anxiety.

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