month of may

i have so much anticipation for this current month, i can't help but be giddy with excitement. part of it is being the final month before school's out and everyone has spring fever. it's in the air. it's also a busy month, in a good way, because it makes the time go by faster. in the past, this month has been very stressful and overwhelming. that was actually last week, but at present, i feel great. allow me to bring you up to date...

today i took my students on a museum field trip, which is always fun and a nice change of pace. not to mention, i always get inspired. on friday, i have another art function to go to, in which i'll get to schmooze with my colleagues. i always like these things as long as i'm not overwhelmed.

this week holds several exciting events, with the first being the arcade fire show tomorrow, for which i am utterly stoked. i haven't seen them since my birthday almost four years ago and i love the suburbs and can't wait to hear it live. rococo's gonna rock (the drums are my fave and the crescendo utterly sweet)! next, on saturday, we're going to see another favorite band, clan of xymox! i'm super-thrilled about seeing them because they rarely play in the u.s. in fact, this is they're only current american show. i've always wanted to see them live and as soon as tickets went on sale, i jumped on it and bought a pair!

it's been a great season for shows altogether, as hubby and i saw OMD over spring break and got to meet them:

memorial weekend, we're going to see flock of seagulls with an 80's prom theme! i got the best deal on a cute dress from ebay for the occasion!

aside from shows, i survived TAKS week at my school, followed by a "spring fling" soiree i held at my home on saturday. it was the first party in over three years that i've hosted! i'd say i was long over due. unfortunately, i don't have any pictures to show for it as i was too busy being hostess. we had a terrific turn-out and everyone raved over my vegan specialties (blush) and my house cocktail, the woo woo. it was good practice for the home chef biz i plan to open this summer. i'll share more on that later. :)

i know i've been really bad about keeping up with this ol' blog, not that i have many readers who keep up with it either. i get certain ideals in my head that things should be a certain way before i get to a certain point, but i know if i keep waiting for the "right" moment, i'll miss out on the opportunity altogether. for example, i REALLY want to update the look of this blog, if anything, just for fun, and i haven't been posting because of that. i won't have time to spend on the aesthetics until summer, but don't want to wait to post until then. i had a great idea for sharing my monthly resolutions for renewing my life, but have just been too busy living life to keep up. i seem to be really good at writing quarterly, or even semi-quarterly posts. that just seems to be my trend. but i enjoy writing, whether or not anyone pays attention here. anyway, i've been branching out and renewing various aspects of my life and feel very fulfilled. i've developed some great new friendships with some colleagues and we've been doing some fun things together. a few of us started a "bucket list" club and get together periodically to try something new. i will have to post my bucket list one of these days, but a couple weeks ago, i got to scratch one thing off: i went to the opera for the first time to see the marriage of figaro. for being over three hours long, i really enjoyed it. it was very dramatic, which made it humorous. of course, it is a comedy, but i had no idea of what to expect. i get a kick out of knowing that the same comedic themes popular over a couple hundred years ago are still popular and funny today. it was a nice change of scenery and a lot of fun.

last month, we had my son's 6th birthday party and an easter egg hunt as well, for which i do have pics to share, but will have to do that another time. happy may every one!

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