today, I'm a fashion blogger!

Lately, I've been perusing various fashion blogs on the web for some wardrobe inspiration. I've seen some cute outfits and have gotten some good ideas, not to mention seen some great photos. I like the skirt I'm wearing, although I look like a schoolmarm, so I decided to do my own fashion posting. You're gonna laugh. I surely did. My 15-yr-old son is the photographer. And since he wants to learn photography and I love posing, we made a great team. Not to mention, it was a great excuse to use my new G12. So here goes:

I blinked in this one, but my son says I look like Marilyn Monroe and it was hot so I included it. And I like Bo's expression.

The next three poses were directed by my son. He wanted to frame me through the trees and with the leaf shadows cast over me.

I like the contrast and selective focus on this one.

This one makes me snicker with my expression and the dog just hanging out. He wouldn't leave my side. Plus, there's a turtle basking in the background. :)

blouse: thrifted
skirt: anthropologie sale rack
shoes: thrifted
watch: seiko

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